Cal State Game: Hunt On the Shelf

Though he's going to be standing on the sidelines for the Cal State Game, Cameron Hunt is doing anything but resting on his laurels as his recruitment comes into the home stretch.

VISALIA, Calif. -- One of the biggest players on the South squad for the Cal State Game this week in Visalia won't even be suiting up.

After undergoing full body cramps during his Corona (Calif.) Centennial Huskies state semifinal win two weeks ago, four-star offensive lineman Cameron Hunt found a way to suit up for the state title game against Nor Cal representative Concord (Calif.) De La Salle, but Centennial wound up falling to the Spartans, 48-28, falling behind from the very first kickoff -- which John Plattenburg muffed and bobbled before falling on the ball at the Huskies' four-yard line.

"From the opening kickoff return, I just think it wasn't really our night," Hunt said. "You can't really use that as an excuse. Too many turnovers, too many mistakes and that kind of hurt us in the end. We still had a great run, a great year and next year, they'll have a really good team."

After the loss, Hunt was completely shut down, physically, in order to get his body right and avoid any long-term health effects of what was diagnosed as a hormone imbalance.

"They're not letting me play," Hunt said. "They were really scared about my kidneys, because they said that the some hormones in there, the levels in my body weren't right. They said the levels weren't balanced, so my kidneys were over-working and they were scared of kidney failure."

Hunt was in the hospital for two days after he was taken off the field in the second half against Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne during the Southern California Open Division Championship, but was determined to play against De La Salle.

"That was a must game," Hunt said. "They really wanted to rest me, so they wanted to give me two weeks off, but I couldn't miss the state championship game."

Instead, Hunt will miss this Saturday's all-star contest, but will still be on the sidelines, supporting his fellow California commit on the South team -- Cameron Walker -- as they battle the North, which boasts future Golden Bears Ray Hudson, Matt Anderson, Jared Goff and Takkarist McKinley.

"I talked to coach Lawler, and they wanted me to still be out here and support the team," Hunt said. "Hopefully the South can get the win."

Speaking of Cal, Hunt says that he is still committed to the Golden Bears, but will still take two other official visits aside from his scheduled stop in Berkeley.

"I think I'm going to take three officials -- Michigan, Oregon and Cal, in that order," Hunt said. "I think Cal's going to be the last official. They're going to be the last one to get their recruiting pitch on me, and hopefully get me."

Hunt has had a bit of contact with the new Bears coaching staff, and expects that level of dialogue to pick up now that his season is over.

"I've talked with them a few times, but it's been kind of tough to talk with them, with the season still going on, but now, that season's over, and I can really start communicating with a lot more coaches, and being in contact with the Cal coaches more," Hunt said. "I'm looking forward to building that relationship."

That said, though, Hunt is still listening to his other suitors, and he is far from as solid a commit as the likes of Hudson and Goff, but when all is said and done, there is still a good chance he winds up a Bear.

"After Tedford was fired, a lot of schools reached out to me -- a lot of big-time schools -- and it made me appreciate what I have," Hunt said. "Cal's still a great school, and they're definitely an option, and I'm still definitely considering it. I'll probably end up back in Berkeley."

While immediately after Jeff Tedford was dismissed from his duties as head coach, Hunt's commitment teetered on whether or not offensive line coach Jim Michalczik would be retained, it seems as though now, he's looking at the bigger picture.

"With Michalczik gone, I was looking at it, and you might have three or four position coaches in your career at college, so it's not that big of a deal that he's not there. It would have been nice to have him there, but Cal is definitely still in the final two," Hunt said. "I've talked with Tony Franklin a lot -- the offensive coordinator -- and we've had a couple good conversations. We just keep building the relationship, and then hopefully, we'll find out who the O-line coach is."

After his conversations with Franklin, Hunt is still a bit wary of the new offense, but believes that he could still succeed in Franklin's system.

"The only thing that scares me a little bit is the offense. I don't know what it is. Everyone's telling me it's an Air Raid, and they're (Cal) trying to tell me it's a more multiple offense, so I just have to do a little bit more homework on that and see what they really are," Hunt said. "Going into that, I think it's still a great offense to play in. I think they need some help on the offensive line, and I think I can contribute out there." Top Stories