Semper Fi: Mayor Goff

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Jared Goff is not only working on getting back into throwing form, but he's also out to get a few more commits for his Golden Bears.

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- California quarterback commit Jared Goff is set to start the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl on Friday for the West squad, but playing quarterback isn't the only thing he's been doing this week down at Santa Ana Stadium.

"It's a lot of fun, and it's great to get to know these guys, to get to know my teammates for the next four years and to get to hang out with them and become friends before we start school, instead of just meeting when we get there," says Goff, who is playing with six other Golden Bears commits, though two of those -- offensive tackle Erik Bunte and wide receiver A.J. Richardson -- are on the shelf with injuries. "It's nice to be able to spend some time with them."

He's also spending plenty of time with Cal targets John Ross, Devin Ross, Aaron Cochran, Austin Hooper and L.J. Moore, and whenever possible, doing his best to convince them that Berkeley is the place to be.

"All of those guys, they all have Cal in their top three or five, and I talk to them," Goff says. "Guys that are interested in Cal, have been on visits, who like Cal, I'll talk to them about it and tell them about the new coaching staff and how great they are and what they're going to do for the program. Guys like Hooper and Cochran and L.J."

Talking to Ross and Ross is an easy task, as all Goff has to do is tell them they could have a chance to catch even more passes from him if they come to Cal, along with him.

"Those guys are great players, and when I talk to them, I just try to talk up Cal and the coaching staff and how great they're going to be," says Goff, who should know better than most. He's spoken quite a bit with new head coach Sonny Dykes and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin about the new so-called Bear Raid.

After the first two days of practice, Goff – who took two weeks off, including the Cal State Game -- was a bit rusty, but on the third day, Goff rose up to the level of competition and began not only to fire his passes with some more zip, but also continued to use his legs more and more to gain yards.

"I came out here and was a little rusty for the first day or two, but I felt good today," Goff said on Wednesday. "I think adjusting to the receivers, timing and stuff like that, getting used to fast speed. These guys are obviously some of the best receivers in the country, so throwing to them after not throwing for two weeks was a little bit of a learning curve, but I made up for it in the last couple days." Top Stories