Catching Up with Cameron

Walker kicks off the week of in-home visits by catching up with defensive backs coach Randy Stewart.

On Monday, California defensive backs coach Randy Stewart paid a visit to his star commit, Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola three-star cornerback, Cameron Walker.

It is the only in-home visit Walker and his family have entertained, because, Walker says, every staff across the country knows he's undoubtedly a future Golden Bear.

"Everyone knows I'm all Cal," he laughs.

Stewart spent about an hour and a half to two hours at Walker's home, mainly talking logistics regarding the timeline from signing day until Walker's first day on campus.

"It went great," Walker says. "We were talking about just things in general and getting to know each other about what goes on for me from signing day until when I get on campus and stuff."

This was the second time in less than a month that Walker has gotten to spend some lengthy quality time with Stewart, after he drove down to Anaheim after the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl to chat with Stewart in the Cal football staff's suite for commits and targets.

"We were just getting details and dates and stuff, just important things for my family and I to know," Walker says. "We talked about coming the spring game and stuff, for me to meet with the academic advisors and stuff there, to make sure I'm all situated, what day I can move in, when fall camp starts, stuff like that."

Having already taken his official visit on Oct. 5, the next time that Walker comes up to Berkeley will likely be surrounding the spring game in March.

Right now, Walker's biggest concern is staving off any encroaching senioritis, as he enters his final high school semester. Last term, he came home with three A's, a B+ and a B.

"I'm going to try and not let senioritis get to me, because I know it's bad for some of my friends," says Walker. "I have friends that are student-athletes like myself, that have had 4.1s cumulative until their senior year, and they let their grade point averages slip and they got 3.1s. You've got to be at least excited about something, about finishing. I'd like to not have that happen to me, so I'm trying to stay at least a little bit focused."

That should be fairly easy for Walker, who has designs on either studying business or medicine in college.

"I'm thinking something along the lines of business -- whether that be finance or management or whatever -- or some sort of medicine -- whether it's pharmacology or athletic medicine or an actual doctor, those are my main interests," Walker says.

One of Walker's final classes this semester is Anatomy, which, given his affinity for the sciences, should be easy to focus on as he readies to come to Cal.

"I'm interested in that, so I actually care about it. I enjoy learning that," says Walker.

Other Visits
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