BTC: Ray Davison

We go in-depth and beyond the commitment with Encino (Calif.) Crespi defensive end Ray Davison, who became one of three defensive linemen to commit to Cal on Sunday. Why did he decide to commit on Sunday? How did he throw the Cal staff for a loop? Find out inside!

Ray Davison was going to announce his decision on National Signing Day, on the FOX Sports Network. On Sunday, he decided: Why wait?

"I wouldn't have had any other hats to choose from," Davison laughed. "I had nowhere else to go! You've got to have more than one school."

After committing to Northwestern on Nov. 10 while still waiting for his offer from California, Davison finally did get his offer from the Bears the first week of the new year, and had a decision to make. If he tripped to Cal, the Wildcats would pull his scholarship. If he didn't he'd never know what he'd be missing out on. He decided that the offer he'd always wanted was too good to pass up, and took a leap of faith. That faith was rewarded on Sunday, when he committed to Sonny Dykes.

"Honestly, it felt like the right place," Davison said. "I had that feeling, just visiting the school, touring the campus, meeting with the coaches and seeing what they were about. I already knew or had some connection to all of the coaches. I knew coach [Andy] Buh from Wisconsin who was recruiting me as a linebacker and he recruited [fellow visitor] Tyler [Foreman], so I'd met with him a couple times. Coach [Randy] Stewart, the defensive backs coach, he coached my high school coach, and coach [Barry] Sacks -- who will be my defensive line coach -- coached one of my former teammates. I had some connection to all of the coaches."

As earlier intimated by fellow Sunday commit Jacobi Hunter, Davison said that Sacks was perhaps the most entertaining of the coaches during the weekend.

"He's an older guy, but he's a kid at heart," Davison says. "He can communicate with his players."

Davison was also a big fan of Dykes, who he joked with as the two went to breakfast on Monday.

"I was kind of messing with him in the morning, when we got down there, saying, how much I've enjoyed the visit, and things like that," Davison says. "So, he asks me what I think I'm going to do, and I said, ‘I'm sorry, coach, I think I'm going to South Dakota.' Then, I laughed, and I said, ‘I'm a Golden Bear. I want to be a Bear.'"

Davison says that his favorite part of the weekend was getting to reconvene with some old teammates.

"Chris Harper, I was hanging in his dorm room a little bit, and I hung out with Tyler Foreman also from Crespi, and we hung out with Bryce Treggs, as well," Davison says. "I was kind of getting myself used to staying with those guys and hanging with those guys."

The most gee-whiz part of the visit, though, came on Davison's tour of the weight room and strength facilities.

"The new facilities, I have yet to see a facility like that," Davison says. "That facility was an eye-opener. It was amazing. I've seen nothing like that, ever before."

At 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, Davison will likely be living in the weight room for the next few years, as he blossoms into a 4-3 defensive end.

"I'm not really worried about my size," Davison says. "I'm still strong. My bench press max is somewhere around 320. I know I can put on weight and get up to about 240, maybe. I know I can put on some weight, so I'm not worried about that. We talked to the strength and conditioning coach, and he was going off on the new facilities, about how nice it was. He said that, as we get up there, we'll find out what we're going to do for workouts, during the Summer Bridge program. That's when we'll set up a workout plan before we work out, so we can get acclimated. I have a trainer that I've been training with -- me, Tyler, Brandon [Arnold] and some other guys -- we're all working out. At the end of the season, I was benching over 320 pounds, so my strength is not the issue. It's just putting on the weight, where I won't get pushed around." Top Stories