Trip Report: Darius Allensworth

Will Darius Allensworth make good on his plans to take an official to Texas Tech after his weekend visit to Cal?

Darius Allensworth still isn't sure whether or not he'll take a trip next weekend to Texas Tech, but after his official visit to California this past weekend, he's now more sure than ever of his commitment to the Bears.

"It went great," Allensworth said. "It was a good trip, and I'm glad I went. It reassured me why I committed to Cal back in August."

The biggest factor in Allensworth's enjoyment of the visit was the new coaching staff.

"The coaches are cool people and getting to connect with them, they're going to do a great job in the Pac-12, and it just allowed me to have faith in them," Allensworth said.

The Menifee (Calif.) Heritage cornerback was hosted by defensive back Jeffrey Coprich, and spent much of his time with the wide receivers, primarily Darius Powe, Chris Harper and Bryce Treggs.

"I really didn't kick it with the defensive backs, that much," Allensworth said. "I was mainly with Bryce Treggs and Darius Powe, because they're roommates, so I was with them, mostly ... It was really cool to make connections and have them take me around, because it allows me just to know the area better, and having a good time."

The most eye-opening part of the visit for Allensworth -- the part that really sticks in his mind -- was the coaching staff.

"It was really eye-opening, how good of a relationship I have with them now," Allensworth said. "I'm very happy with Cal." Top Stories