In-Home Recap: J.D. Hinnant

When Zach Yenser and Sonny Dykes came into J.D. Hinnant's living room, they had no idea what kind of news they were in for from the three-star offensive line commit.


The rolling comedy show that is the California coaching staff's trip across Southern California came to a stop at the homes of two future Golden Bears offensive linemen on Wednesday night, going from Eric Bunte's house early in the evening to dessert at the domicile of J.D. Hinnant and family.

"It went really well," Hinnant said. "Coach Yenser has actually been over to my house a few times now, and it's made a huge impact. It's been really great getting to know him. He's a great guy and I'm looking forward to playing under him."

It was the third time that offensive line coach Zach Yenser has been in Hinnant's living room, but his first with head coach Sonny Dykes. Hinnant also had a bit of a surprise for the pair of Cal coaches.

"On Monday, I'll be fully cleared," Hinnant said. "I'm definitely lucky."

Lucky doesn't begin to cover it. On the night of Nov. 2, Hinnant was in a devastating car crash, putting him in the hospital for one week with a shattered left hip, dislocated pelvis, a metal plate and three screws put into his hips and a broken tailbone. He's come quite a long way from that, to where he'll be at the start of next week.

"It's definitely a miracle, for sure," Hinnant said. "I'll be able to start running and lifting with my lower body, and things like that. It's huge. It's been just from one step to the next, from a wheelchair to crutches, to walking lately, to now this full exercising, it's amazing."

Hinnant also suffered two brain contusions from the accident, but he's well on his way to recovery on that front, as well.

"My head's feeling good," Hinnant said. "I'm actually going to the neurologist Thursday to have them clear me for football, too, so I'm excited for that."

The reaction from Yenser and Dykes was positively giddy.

"They were super pumped," Hinnant said. "They had no idea I'd be ready this soon, and they were just fired up."

After the accident, Hinnant lost 40 pounds, and had to take to wearing basketball shorts because none of his pants would even fit anymore. Now, he's back to his old weight of about 260 pounds. It comes as no surprise, then, that one of the main topics of conversation on Wednesday night, with Yenser in the house, was food.

"It was pretty good," Hinnant said. "Two O-linemen, food was one of the main conversations today -- all the food that we ate on the recruiting visit."

Yenser, for his part, took to twitter to comment on the desert presented by the Hinnant clan, which included lemon cream cheese pie and pecan pie. As Yenser said on the micro-blogging service (without using names, of course), "Last HV Of the night went Great! Tough decision between Pecan or Lemon cream cheese pie; so I had Both ?#calOL ?#momcancook ?#SignEmUp."

After all the contact Hinnant has had with Yenser since he was brought in by Dykes, they still found things to talk about for nearly two hours on Wednesday night.

"We talked about football, high school football, just random things," Hinnant said. "It was more like friends coming over to visit. It was kind of cool."

With Dykes in the room, another topic of conversation was Hinnant's future at Cal, and how his first year would go.

"We talked about how recruiting's been, and how he's going to keep all the recruits, and how they've already started on the 2014 class, and also what it'll be like for me when I get up there to Cal," Hinnant said. Top Stories