Mustipher Talks Early Cal Offer

With a 4.6 GPA and athleticism to play on both lines, Sam Mustipher talks about his early offer from the California coaching staff, and what his plans are for his academic future.

Sam Mustipher is multi-talented, to say the least.

The three-star jumbo athlete out of Olney (Md.) Our Lady Good Counsel can play on both sides of the ball as a defensive tackle and as an interior offensive lineman. But, that's not all the 6-foot-3, 286-pound recent California offeree can do. He's got a 4.6 GPA and has his sights set on becoming an engineer.

"They like me on the offensive side of the ball," Mustipher said of his recent interactions with the Golden Bears. "I talked to coach [Zach] Yenser yesterday and towards the end of the phone call, he informed me that I had the offer to Cal, so that was definitely pretty exciting."

In the past, the previous coaching staff had ventured out to Our Lady Good Counsel to recruit defensive back Kendall Fuller and receiver Stefon Diggs, but instead of Tosh Lupoi being the point man for those national-level recruits, this time it's Yenser going after perhaps one of the better center/interior lineman prospects he's seen on tape.

"I know a good bit about Cal," Mustipher said. "When they recuited Stefon, I talked with him about it, and he said it's a great academic place, as well as athletics. It's the No. 1 public school in the country, so that definitely says a lot about the school, itself, and the talent is NFL-level. That's pretty exciting. With the new offense that's coming there, I'm looking forward to seeing them put a lot of points on the board."

Given Mustipher's intellectual acumen, Yenser and the Bears foresee him as a perfect candidate for an offense, which runs its snap cadence through its center.

"They informed me about that," Mustipher said. "I have a 4.6 GPA right now, so they're looking for guys who are smart enough to be essentially be the quarterback of the line, read blitzes, read outside linebacker blitzes, being able to call out these things and get assignments out to the guys that around you."

Last season, Mustipher split time between offense and defense, and Cal has not yet ruled out entirely taking him as a defensive lineman, but he is being recruited with an eye to being the keystone of the offensive line.

"We haven't spoken a lot about it yet, but I have a feeling that once I get into my second and third phone calls with the coaching staff, then, we'll start talking offensive schemes and how I fit into that picture," Mustipher said. "Right now, they're talking about interior lineman, as far as a guard or a center spot, would go, and I honestly would play anywhere. I would play defensive line if I had to. Right now it's up in the air."

Mustipher said that if he were to come out to Berkeley, he would study to become an aerospace engineer.

"Right now, I'm just doing calculus," Mustipher said. "I think I'll take honors calculus next year. I was going to take AP, but I have a feeling that once I get to college, I'm going to want to take a college calculus class. Right now I'm trying to build a solid base, especially if I'm looking to get an engineering degree. I don't want to try and get an engineering degree at a school like Cal with just high school math." Top Stories