CSDTV: Holding the Line

Offensive line coach Zach Yenser puts his linemen through their paces on the second day of practice, and a starting five begin to emerge.

BERKELEY -- The offensive line is probably the toughest unit to assess early in spring ball, particularly when last season, California surrendered 33 sacks.

On Day 2 of spring ball, the starting line, from left to right, was Freddie Tagaloa, Jordan Rigsbee, Mark Brazinski, Geoffrey Gibson and Bill Tyndall.

Left tackle Tagaloa has definitely made some big leaps, both playing-wise and physically. Center Brazinski has been very good with the shotgun snaps, and talking with redshirt freshman Matt Cochran, there is a lot of love for the new offense among the big uglies. Cochran said that he doesn't even have to think -- he just has to react, which is where you want to see the offense, especially this early. I've really loved Rigsbee at left guard so far. Has that mean streak that you love to see on the interior.

Cochran has been impressive purely from the fact that he's been a very vocal leader during drills, and really has taken to the new offense like a duck to water.

The starting right tackle, I think, will wind up being redshirt freshman Christian Okafor. I haven't been entirely impressed with Tyndall, though he's been the front-line right tackle so far.

Okafor has gained a lot of very good weight and speed during offseason workouts. He's made a big jump over the past year.

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