Rorie Reports to Cal for Big Visit

Cal's first commit of 2014 -- now solid in his pledge for nearly a year -- will come down to Berkeley for Wednesday's rivalry clash between the Bears and Stanford.

Ahmaad Rorie of Tacoma (Wash.) Lincoln committed -- on an unofficial visit -- to Mike Montgomery and California, just under a year ago.

These days, he's feeling pretty darned reassured about his choice, as he prepares to come down and visit the Bears for their season finale on Wednesday against Stanford, with a share of the Pac-12 regular-season title on the line.

"It feels really good that the team is coming together really nicely, and the guards are playing well, so I feel really confident that I made the right decision," Rorie said on Monday evening. "I've been paying attention a lot. They're third in the Pac-12 now, tied with Arizona. They've just been playing good ball so far, and they'll continue to keep it going in the Pac-12 Tournament."

Of course, living in Pac-12 country, Rorie has made no secret about his excitement over his future team's success.

"Yeah, I'm bragging on everybody," Rorie said. "I want them to be No. 1, but I guess we'll just have to show them when the Pac-12 tournament comes. I've been bragging a lot."

Rorie's season ended last week in a 19-point loss to Seattle (Wash.) Lakeside in the state semifinals, though Rorie's Lincoln squad won the consolation game on Saturday to take third in the state.

"We ended 24-4. We made it to the state semifinals, and we lost in the semifinal," Rorie said. "The team we lost to, they came out and they ended up shooting 80 percent for the game."

Now that the season's over, it's time for Rorie to make a trek down to Berkeley to check out the longtime cross-Bay rivalry for the first time, and possibly for all the marbles.

"I was just talking to my mom before you called me, and we're coming out there in September for a visit, and we're going to the Cal-Stanford game on Wednesday," Rorie said. "I'm really excited. The atmosphere, to experience it it'll be really fun." Top Stories