Bridgford to Think Things Over

VIDEO: Fifth-year quarterback Allan Bridgford did not practice on Wednesday, and will mull things over after being told that three younger quarterbacks would be getting the lion's share of the reps.

BERKELEY -- California senior quarterback Allan Bridgford got some news after Monday's spring practice that has caused him to sit out and "think about a few things," said head coach Sonny Dykes on Wednesday.

"Basically, he kind of got some news from us that he was going to get some reduced reps, and then decided that he wanted to take a day or two to kind of assess some things," Dykes said. "We told him that we'd love for him to do that, so he's probably going to think some things over with his family and talk about some things, and I would expect to have a conversation with him again at the end of the week, over the weekend, probably."

Bridgford -- heading into his fifth season at Cal -- had the most game experience of the quarterbacks on the roster, starting last season's opener against Nevada in place of Zach Maynard, who was said by then-head coach Jeff Tedford to have missed a tutoring session, but who was also reportedly in academic peril following a poor junior year in the classroom.

Bridgford played in 10 games over his career, mostly in mop-up duty, completing 44 of 100 passes for 461 yards and one touchdown, with three interceptions.

As a strictly pro-style signal-caller, Bridgford not taken to the new spread attack quite as well as his younger counterparts Austin Hinder, Zach Kline and Jared Goff. Those three got the lion's share of first-team reps on Wednesday as the Bears embarked on their fifth practice of the spring. All three have shown flashes thus far, with Kline possessing the strongest arm, Hinder perhaps the best touch, and Goff showing advanced touch and maturity despite being an early-enrollee. Earlier in spring, Dykes said of Goff that, "Sometimes, he looks like a kid who should be going to Prom, but others he looks like a Division I quarterback."

Dykes said that he hoped Bridgford stays, because he's put so much work into the program over his four years in Berkeley.

"He's somebody who we think is a good player, we want him to be successful, but we have to do the best thing for Allan," Dykes said.

If Bridgford decides he wants to transfer, his options are limited. He cannot go to another Division I school without sitting out a year -- a year of eligibility that he doesn't have. He could go to a Division II school with no transfer penalty.

"We were trying to give some other guys some heavier reps," Dykes said. "It's always being evaluated, every day, so we keep a daily depth chart, and rep the guys we feel like are maybe a little bit ahead of some other guys to try to find the best solutions for our program ... Sometimes, guys kind of fall out of the mix. A lot of times, if they hang in there, stick around and put the work in, things usually go their way, so we'll see what happens." Top Stories