Recruit Report: Royce Freeman

Three-star running back Royce Freeman made a big impression at this weekend's NFTC event in Los Angeles, and the Bears have him squarely in their sights.

Royce Freeman got his scholarship offer from California back at the end of February, and for a while, he and running backs coach Pierre Ingram spoke quite regularly, but then, Freeman got busy.

Between maintaining his 3.4 GPA and planning his spring camp circuit, the three-star running back out of Imperial (Calif.) hasn't spoken with Ingram in a while, but he's nothing if not self-flagellating.

"I talked to him a pretty good amount, and stayed in touch, but the last time I talked to him was a couple weeks ago, and I need to give him another call," Freeman said. "I've just been so busy with all the stuff that's been going on. I'll give him a call, for sure."

Freeman's 6-foot-1, 225-pound frame is not comparable to any of the tailbacks currently on the Bears' roster, but Ingram likes him for his ability to pound the ball and power through defenders.

At this weekend's NFTC in Los Angeles, Freeman -- who doubles as a hard-hitting linebacker -- was one of the stand-outs at the running back position, going up against some of the best linebackers in the nation, including Dwight Williams on his way to earning Running Back MVP of the camp.

"It was an honor to be among them, and the linebackers, as well, they make you better, every rep," Freeman said.

With offers from four Pac-12 schools, as well as Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, Freeman said that no school in particular has distinguished itself.

"I haven't gotten any really huge offers, but I've gotten good offers," Freeman said. "None really stand out, at the moment."

Freeman said he might go to two camps over the summer -- at Oregon and USC -- but does not have any other plans to make any other official visits at this time. However, a trip up to Berkeley is not out of the question.

"The academic portion of the school, you can get the highest education possible," Freeman said of Cal. "I'd have a chance to play young as a running back in the program. He said that it's mostly a spread offense, so therefore, the box is going to be open for when we're running. When you get your touches, it'll be more open space." Top Stories