Mondeaux Talks Cal Offer

After striking it rich in Portland, Ore., with Jacob Wark and Brennan Scarlett, the Bears go back to the Rose City to offer jumbo three-star athlete Henry Mondeaux.

Portland (Ore.) Jesuit has been good to California athletics in the past, producing two-sport star Jacob Wark in 2010. The Bears -- albeit with a new staff at the helm -- are going back to Rose City in the 2014 cycle, offering jumbo athlete Henry Mondeaux on Thursday evening.

"Coach [Barry] Sacks, the D-line coach, he asked me to call him, and when I did, he offered me," Mondeaux said. "He said that I have a lot of good skills on the offensive side, and he said that I'm a really tough guy, and they want to get a big, strong guy in that position."

The 6-foot-4, 224-pound tight end/defensive end was offered as a defensive end by defensive line coach Barry Sacks, who has gained experience with athletes like Mondeaux already in his short tenure in Berkeley, converting JuCo tight end Harrison Wilfley to an effective interior defensive lineman, who has been a pleasant surprise through the first nine spring practices.

"He told me about [Wilfley] and about some of the other D-ends that they have," Mondeaux said. "He didn't want to discredit any of my tight end abilities, but he definitely knows what he's talking about, and he felt that I fit their mold really well."

Mondeaux was set to come out to Cal's March 2 Elite Junior Day, but couldn't make it because his basketball team defeated Salem (Ore.) Sprague, 45-38, the night before, advancing to the next round of the Oregon State basketball playoffs, where the Crusaders downed Portland (Ore.) Sunset, 68-50, before falling Portland Central Catholic -- the alma mater of defensive end Brennan Scarlett -- in the semifinals.

Mondeaux had expected the Bears to offer when he next came down to visit during spring break, but as he said in early March, "You never know when an offer is going to come. If I have to wait a little longer than that, that'll be just fine."

Now, when he comes down to Berkeley, he'll have his third scholarship offer firmly in hand, along with offers from Oregon State and Washington.

"I think I might come down on the 22nd or the 23rd," Mondeaux said. "We still have to work that out. I definitely want to come down and visit, though, unofficially, just to see what they have to offer, and it definitely opens up a lot now, now that a California school has offered. That's big. That's huge, just because it's such a great football state and a lot of good things come out of there."

The Cal program will present a sense of familiarity to Mondeaux, who knows Wark and watched Scarlett play at rival Central Catholic.

"I know a couple guys on the team, and I think they have a good program, and I know it's a good school," Mondeaux said. "They have a great football program. I've just heard a bunch of great things about the campus and the kind of players that they put out. Definitely a good academic school, too. I'm looking forward to learning a bit more when I come down to visit unofficially, because I don't know a great deal about it, but I've heard nothing but great things, and I'm pretty excited."

Mondeaux is rated as the No. 18 tight end in the 2014 class, and is a three-star prospect. Top Stories