Porchivina Talks Cal Unofficial

Petaluma (Calif.) Casa Grande two-way star John Porchivina talks about his brief Sunday visit to Cal, and some significant changes in his recruitment.

Along with several other Northern California recruits, Petaluma (Calif.) Casa Grande two-way star John Porchivina paid a visit to Berkeley on Sunday for a CBS Sports photo shoot and interview. Porchivina, along with several others including D.J. Calhoun, Adarius Pickett, Joe Mixon and Michael Lazarus all used the opportunity to chat with the California coaching staff.

For Porchivina, that talk was well worth the trouble, as defensive coordinator Andy Buh informed him that the Bears are not only looking at him as a big back, but also as a rush end/outside linebacker.

"I just talked with Coach Buh for a couple of minutes before I left, and he said that they're recruiting me pretty hard on defense, as well, and they want me to come out to their camp," Porchivina said. "He likes how aggressive I am and the natural instincts that I have for playing defense."

Porchivina gained 651 yards on 89 carries for the Gauchos this past season, scoring nine touchdowns on the ground as a running back, while also catching eight passes for 116 yards and two scores. On defense, he tallied 49 tackles, including 5.0 tackles for loss, along with 2.0 sacks and one pass defended. For good measure, he also returned seven kickoffs a total of 134 yards.

"On defense, he just said ‘Linebacker,' but it would probably be an outside linebacker," said Porchivina, who spent a good portion of the day chatting with blocking running back Lucas Gingold, who had a breakout spring in the absence of the likely candidates for the top three running back spots – Brendan Bigelow and Daniel Lasco limited because of injuries, and Khalfani Muhammad not yet on campus – unavailable.

"Just hanging out with some of the players is always pretty fun, getting the perspective of playing at Cal -- one of the top schools in the nation. That's always cool to hear about that," Porchivina said. "[Gingold] said [fullback in the Bear Raid] is a lot more exciting. They do a lot of the same blocking techniques that you would as a fullback, but it's just changing up the way you line up, creates more exciting schemes out of that position. They do do a lot more out-of-the-backfield (plays). They do pass plays, so that's always good, to get the ball into the flats a lot too.

"It would definitely be new, because I've never really played fullback before. I've definitely blocked, but I've always been a running back. That would be something I'm very interested in playing. It sounds like a really fun position."

Aside from Cal's full-contact camp this summer, Porchivina has a very busy schedule.

"I'm looking at the calendar right now, and my schedule is going to be crazy this summer. Going to camps, it's going to be ridiculous," he laughed.

Porchivina will be going to camps at Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington State and a team camp at Sacramento State.

"I'm doing just about everything I can -- a whole lot of Pac-12 schools and Mountain West, too," Porchivina said. "It's going to be a lot of traveling."

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