Letters for Lee

With the spring recruiting season nearly underway, the California coaching staff decided to show one four-star outside linebacker just how much they value his services.

When four-star Indianapolis (Ind.) Lawrence Central outside linebacker Brandon Lee opened his mailbox on Friday, he got quite a surprise: Nine letters, all hand-written and addressed to him, coming from every member of the California football coaching staff.

"It shows that they actually care about me," said Lee, who received his scholarship offer on April 4. "They take the time to show interest in recruits that they really like."

Though this is the most communication Lee has had from the Bears in recent days, he has a well-established relationship with defensive coordinator Andy Buh.

"I've not spoken with them too much, but I've spoken with coach Buh; I've known him since he was at Wisconsin," Lee said. "That's where our relationship came from. Once he departed Wisconsin, and was in his coaching position at Cal, I've known him very well. I've been speaking with him for about a year now, since he first started recruiting me. I don't know too many of the other coaches."

The series of letters, though, aimed to change all of that, with nearly every other member of the coaching staff personally writing Lee.

"Each one was about three to five sentences long, some of them a little bit longer than that, just introducing themselves and introducing me to Cal," Lee said.

The fact that Buh is also the linebackers coach shows Lee that the position is going to be a focal point of the defense, and that suits him just fine.

"That shows me that he knows exactly what he's looking for, and looking at me as a linebacker, he says I'm athletic and versatile, and I guess you could say that they want their whole defense to be like me, I guess," Lee said.

Though Lee doesn't plan to visit the West Coast any time soon due to the cost of such a trip, he is mulling over the possibility of granting the Bears one of his five official visits.

"Depending on how good my relationship goes with him, and if that continues to go well, there's a possibility that I could take an official out there, because driving out there would be pretty tough," Lee said. "Taking an official would be much easier."

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