PASSING DOWN: Mixon Takes Home MVP

Joe Mixon offers his thoughts on Cal's new uniforms and his team's championship performance in the Central California Passing Down Regional.

Oakley (Calif.) Freedom four-star running back Joe Mixon is in demand, to say the least. The 6-foot-, 195-pounder is the No. 5 tailback in the nation and has over 40 scholarship offers. On Sunday, he made Team DB Guru want to see plenty less of him, as Mixon and the TMP Elite Stars blasted the Fresno squad, 25-6, to start off the Passing Down 7-on-7 Central California regional, and he didn't look back.

Mixon recorded eight interceptions -- including returned to the house (ruled touchbacks by event rules) -- and earned MVP honors with 14 touchdowns, including the biggest tug of the day, a reception to break a 0-0 tie in overtime of the 30-minute title game against Team Grizzlies, which earned TMP a spot in the Best of the West tournament at the end of the month in Los Angeles.

"Our team came out hard, and our offense was explosive. Our defense played big and we got a lot of turnovers," Mixon said, before teammate D.J. Calhoun chimed in from the background: "Yeah, he was balling, straight up!"

Mixon's picks were perhaps the most surprising nuggets in his mountain of statistics, especially considering the fact that Mixon hasn't played defense since Week 6 of his junior season, "at least."

While Mixon has kept his recruitment fairly close to the vest, he did offer some comments on Cal's new uniform set.

"I thought that it was nice," Mixon said. "I really like the all-blue ones. I like that one."

Mixon said that while a uniform wouldn't make or break any decision regarding the Bears, it certainly helps their cause.

"It helps them, but I've always liked them, no matter what they're wearing," Mixon said. "When you're playing, it's all good. You look good, you feel good, you feel good, you play good." Top Stories