Franklin Stops By

Four-star quarterback Brandon Dawkins got to strut his stuff in front of Cal's offensive coordinator on Thursday, trying to show that he's just as much of a threat throwing the ball as he is on the run.

Four-star Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian quarterback Brandon Dawkins is known more as a runner than as a thrower. He wants to change that.

"That's been my thing: Come out and be more efficient," Dawkins said. "I want to run the offense more and show that I have a legitimate arm."

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound signal-caller completed 174 of 283 passes last season (61.5%) with 17 touchdowns, but also 11 picks. On the ground though, he was a load to tackle, rushing 88 times -- second-most on the team, and even then, only by three carries -- for 486 yards and seven touchdowns without a single fumble.

On Thursday, California offensive coordinator Tony Franklin spent the evening watching Dawkins sling the ball around the yard, looking to vet yet another quarterback for the Bears' board.

"I didn't really get to talk to him, but he was out there," Dawkins said. "They're poking around a little bit. One of the other coaches came out a couple weeks ago, stopping by to talk with me. They're definitely poking around."

What did Dawkins show Franklin?

"I think it went really well; Yesterday was a defensive practice, so today was an offensive practice, so I got to throw with most of the starters and go through our offense and get back in the rhythm," Dawkins said. "It was definitely a strong practice. I was out there, making plays and we had a really good practice for a coach to be at."

Dawkins – the No. 17-ranked quarterback in the 2014 class – already has offers from North Carolina State, Notre Dame and Utah, and it was on an unofficial to Salt Lake City that he saw Cal play last season.

"I watched them a couple games, and I went out to Utah when they played Cal, so I've seen a lot of them," Dawkins said. "But, it's a new system. When I talked with them, they said that I'd be a good fit for the program, but it's nothing serious yet."

While the discussions between Dawkins and the Bears are in a nascent stage -- local quarterbacks Manny Wilkins and Keaton Dunsford are higher up on the board at this point -- he does know plenty about the Bears.

"They're definitely a program on the rise, and they're going to become a really good team," Dawkins said. "It's definitely a star program that I'd love to be at, and definitely in a good area. You can't really beat the Bay Area and California."

Dawkins runs an offense that's "a little bit of everything," but is mainly a spread attack, something that could prepare him for that kind of an offense at the next level – the kind of offense that the Bears will run in 2013.

"I definitely want to hear more from them," Dawkins said. ""They've always been on my radar. Being from California, hearing about their program, they're definitely on my radar. I'd love to hear from them some more."

Dawkins's next big event will be the Elite 11 regional competition on June 1 in Columbus, Ohio, when he'll also make a side trip to visit Ohio State. Top Stories