VISIT REPORT: Moute a Bidias

Roger Moute a Bidias talks about his official visit to Berkeley this week, including the "amazing" view from the top of Memorial Stadium, the "amazing" new uniforms and his workout with the Bears.

From the floor of Haas Pavilion to the top of California Memorial Stadium, Roger Moute a Bidias saw just about every inch of Berkeley this week during his official visit, and, he said, that makes his imminent decision that much easier.

"It definitely helped me know what to expect if I decide to go to Cal," Moute a Bidias said. "I'd say it helped, because I had a great time doing a lot of things that I like there, and there were more things that I liked than I didn't like. I'd say it helped."

Moute a Bidias -- the younger brother of Luc Richard Mbah a Moute -- will have quite the decision to make soon, choosing between the Bears, Marquette, George Washington, Iona and Hoffstra, among others who are still sniffing around.

His 48 hours in Berkeley, though, afforded Moute a Bidias the chance to see Cal in-depth, and everything around the program in action.

"It went great. I got to see the whole city of Berkeley, I got to see Oakland, the school and Haas, and I met all of the people around the team and the guys on the team – I had a good time," Moute a Bidias said. "I had a really good time. I had a very good time. I enjoyed my time there. I was very surprised with the fact that Berkeley is a big city."

On Thursday night, Moute a Bidias was afforded the opportunity to spend an evening with the current players and their families, during the annual team banquet.

"I met some of the parents and all of the coaches and everybody who's involved with the coaching staff and stuff like that," Moute a Bidias said. "It was great. The football stadium is obviously new, and it's a really beautiful place. The view from there was amazing."

Before he got to get all dressed to the nines, though, Moute a Bidias got to see just what the Bears will be wearing next season as he viewed the new uniform set by Jordan.

"Jordan brand is always good; It's an amazing brand," Moute a Bidias said. "The new uniforms are amazing. It's like running with nothing on you. I didn't get a chance to wear it, but the logo on the back of the jersey was amazing, and they're pretty nice. They're dope."

Though he didn't get to work out in the uniforms, he did, however, get to work out anyway. Moute a Bidias got to run the court with the team and show just what he can do for the coaches in person, on the court that he may very well be playing on in the near future.

"I worked out a little bit, I watched them lift weights and stuff like that, and I did play a little bit; I thought that was pretty cool," Moute a Bidias said. "I got to play with and against the guys, and see how good I am compared to them. I got to measure myself against them, so that was pretty cool."

Asked how he did, Moute a Bidias simply laughed.

"I thought I did pretty well," he said between chuckles. "I wasn't going to surprise anyone, or myself, by doing something that I've never done before. I went out there and I did the same exact things that Cal was recruiting me for, and that I'm known for. I went out there to have a good time, and that's what I did: I had a great time." Top Stories