Beyond the Commitment: Moute a Bidias

We go in-depth with Roger Moute a Bidias as to why he chose to commit to the California basketball team after a midweek official visit.

Family is important to Roger Moute a Bidias. Before he called the California basketball staff to commit, he called his father back in Cameroon. He called his older brother – former UCLA star Luc Richard Mbah a Moute -- and he called his other older brother, Emmanuel.

"Not only my brother Luc, but also my older brother Emmanuel, they really helped a lot," Moute a Bidias says. "They made a lot of phone calls and did a whole lot of research. They gave me a whole lot of advice, so their word was extremely important in me making my decision. The fact that they both agreed and all my family agreed, was really important, for where I was going to go, and the answer was Cal."

The Bears get a 6-foot-7, 190-pound forward with a long wingspan and of course, good bloodlines, as the fifth member of the 2013 class which includes signees Jabari Bird, Jordan Mathews, Sam Singer and Kameron Rooks. It also conveniently makes the class a complete lineup, with Singer at the point, Mathews at the two, Bird at the three and Rooks at center.

"I felt like I could trust the coaching staff there," says Moute a Bidias. "I know I have a lot of work, going there, and I know I'll have a lot of adversity and barriers to cross, but I'm ready for that challenge, and I really want that challenge. That's why I wanted to go there."

Moute a Bidias is expected to officially sign early next week, but when he called the coaching staff to inform them of his decision early Saturday afternoon, the reaction only helped reinforce his choice.

"They were actually really excited. They were really happy and stuff. They wanted me to go there, and they now know that I'm going to be there and be a lot of help in winning a Pac-12 championship, going forward and doing great things. They were really excited," Moute a Bidias says. "My big brother (Luc Richard) was also with it. He agreed with me going to Cal. He thought it was the best fit for me."

What was Moute a Bidias's favorite part of his official visit, the part that made him really want to commit?

"The food, of course! It was amazing all the different kinds of food you can get in a short distance," Moute a Bidias says, before he breaks into a laugh. "I was just excited to be there and to just play, to just be in Mike Montgomery's system and play. I was excited to be in this class and it's such an honor to be at UC Berkeley -- one of the best schools in the world. Those are the two things that I was most excited to be there for, and the Bay Area, too. It's a pretty place. I just wanted to be there, and I felt like it was the place where I belonged." Top Stories