Mourning Growing His Game

Miami (Fla.) Ransom Everglades forward Trey Mourning has a few schools in mind, but he's intently focused on proving that he's better than most think.

Trey Mourning is much more than just the son of an NBA great. He's a worker. He's a grinder. He's a basketball junkie.

When he's not shooting at the gym, he's working out. When he's not working out, he's shooting at home. Not that he can ever get his dad to play a little one-on-one, anyway.

"The only sport he really plays now is golf. That's about it for him. I don't remember the last time I saw my dad pick up a basketball," Mourning says. "We've played before, maybe, but it's been a while. I can't remember the last time we played. Every time I'm outside shooting -- I'm usually shooting at the gym now, so we rarely get a chance to play -- when I'm shooting at the house, he'll go, ‘Oh, I'm tired,' but he helps me with my game. He's starting to help me more. He says we're going to work this summer a lot on things. He's tried to stay away from it, tried to stay out of it and let me do my own thing. It's been working, but I'm pretty sure he could help a lot more, so I'm looking forward to working with him this summer."

Is the Old Man afraid that the young cub is going to best him?

"I really don't think he gives a care anymore," Mourning laughs. "He's fine if I break any of his records or whatever it is. He's just focused on me getting better and helping me be the best basketball player I can be."

For the son of Alonzo Mourning -- his full name is Alonzo Harding Mourning, III, hence ‘Trey' -- there is nothing else but basketball, nothing outside of the drive to improve and to show that he's not as raw as some thought a year ago.

It doesn't hurt that he's grown two inches and gained 15 pounds, either, to a powerfully-built, 6-foot-9, 215 pound forward for Miami (Fla.) Ransom Everglades. Whenever he grows out of his shoes, though, all he needs to do is walk down the hall to his dad's closet.

Despite his strong bloodlines and a 2012-13 season where he averaged 11 points, 12 boards and seven blocks, he hasn't been getting much recruiting attention, at least in the form of offers. Not that he pays much attention. By his own admission, he only asks his dad about recruiting "once or twice every four months."

"They really talk with my father -- Georgetown, Florida Gulf Coast, Nebraska, Alabama, Stanford. It's been a few schools, but they mainly go through my dad," Mourning says. "There are some other schools that I don't know about because I don't ask my dad all the time. I'm really just working on getting better. It's in the back of my mind. When I need to start thinking about making a decision, I'll think about that, but now's not the time."

California has also shown interest, and Mourning has turned to one of his best friends for advice and some inside info about the Bears -- 2013 signee Sam Singer.

"Most of what I've heard is what Sam's told me, and Sam seems to love it," Mourning says. "I trust his word. I know he'll never do me wrong -- we have that type of relationship. It seems like a great place, but I haven't really thought much into it more than any other college. I don't favor any place right now."

Of course, Mourning's father's alma mater has been brought up by some as a possible favorite, but Mourning says that the Hoyas are not the be-all-end-all.

"I wouldn't say they're a dream school. I definitely wouldn't say they're a dream school," says Mourning. "I'm not really favoring anybody right now, but they've always been there. I've been going to campus since I was younger, and of course, my dad went there and is currently on the Board of Administration. So, they're really like any other school. I just have to sit down and talk with my parents about it, about which school I'll be attending two falls from now. They're not really a dream school. I wouldn't say that. They're just another school."

Mourning is going into this summer with, in his mind, a lot to prove, and not much time to do it. He intends to play with the Boo Williams AAU team out of Virginia, where his grandfather resides, but will have to wait until certain hurdles are cleared, since he resides in Florida with his father, who serves as the Vice President of Player Programs and Development for the Miami Heat. Not having played for an AAU team has hurt Mourning, in his opinion, as he hasn't gotten the looks others have.

"I don't really check the rankings at all, but from what I've seen, I want to prove that I'm better than most people think I am. It's mostly because I don't play AAU, and all the guys I'm really getting compared against are on an AAU team or play on the AAU circuit and get looks," Mourning says. "It's difficult, but I just want to prove that I'm better than where people have me at, and obviously, I can always improve on my game. I was in the gym right now, actually, and that's why I didn't call. There's tons of stuff I need to improve on. I can't even tell you all the things that I need to improve." Top Stories