NFTC: Elementary, My Dear Watson

Though he didn't participate in the NFTC because of a "tweaked" hamstring, Corona (Calif.) Centennial RB Tre Watson was mobile enough to make a Saturday visit to Berkeley, a visit that could very well change his recruitment.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- "I should have played. I should have done it," a frustrated Tre Watson mutters to himself, as he paradoxically smiles, looking out at the aftermath of the Oakland NFTC event at Laney College. The Corona (Calif.) Centennial running back elected to sit on the sidelines and watch teammate -- and fellow California offeree -- John Plattenburg roll up receivers and earn the defensive back MVP award, instead of participating himself, as he nurses a sore hamstring.

"Practice seven days a week, I strained it, tweaked it a little bit, so I'm trying to take it easy," Watson said.

The busted wheel did not, however, prevent him from making an unofficial to Berkeley on Saturday, and as soon as he starts to describe the visit, his eyes light up.

"Oh, yes, yessir," he smiles. "It went very great. I love the coaches, I love the campus, I love the facility. Pretty soon, it's coming. It's coming."

No, ‘It' isn't Christmas. ‘It' is a commitment. But, without his parents on the visit, of course, Watson does have to go back home and talk things out in greater detail, once he's removed a bit from the afterglow of a Chamber of Commerce-type weekend in Berkeley.

"They are for sure the one, they are," Watson said, still doing his fair share of glow-basking. "Facebook-official is coming soon. First and foremost, their academics are off the charts. That's what drew me to them. The coaching staff, coach [Pierre] Ingram, the running backs coach, we have a good connection. It's great."

Watson and Plattenburg started Saturday with a visit to Fresno State for a tour and talk with the coaching staff, and after that, the pair went up to Cal.

"I fell in love," Watson said of Berkeley. "It was love at first sight. It was perfect."

Watson said that he had already told Ingram of his intent to commit fairly soon, and said that Ingram was quite excited.

"It's coming," Watson said. "Soon." Top Stories