NFTC: Kyahva Tezino

Tezino talks Cal offer, visit to Berkeley and more after his performance at the NFTC in Oakland on Sunday.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The first time Kyahva Tezino ever talked with California defensive coordinator Andy Buh, was when the latter was extending a scholarship offer, five days ago.

"I was surprised, because I didn't even think I would get it," said Tezino, who was easily one of the most physically impressive linebackers at Sunday's NFTC event on the campus of Laney College in Oakland, even as a 2015 prospect. "I know Jamardre [Cobb]and Marquis Ware got it the same day I got it, but when the coach offered me a scholarship, I was amazed. I was so happy about it."

Cobb, Ware and Tezino -- the trio of Los Angeles (Calif.) Salesian defenders who received offers from the Bears last week -- aren't set on playing together at the next level, though Tezino said it would be neat.

"We don't know yet. We don't know. We'll see when it all comes down, but most likely, we want to stay together, but, if I like this college and he likes that college, then we'll go our separate ways," said Tezino.

Tezino and Cobb -- on their way to the camp in Oakland -- stopped by Cal on Saturday for several hours.

"The coolest part was seeing the campus, seeing how their football program is. Seeing their weight room was the most exciting thing for me," said Tezino, who elaborated that he'd never seen a weight room like that in the Simpson Center for Student Athlete High Performance ever before.

Tezino and Cobb also got the chance to speak in-depth with Buh.

"I have a great relationship with him. I went up to Cal on an unofficial visit [Saturday], and he just made me feel so much at home," Tezino said of Buh. "I'm not making a decision now, but it was really nice." Top Stories