NFTC: Jamardre Cobb

Los Angeles Salesian outside linebacker Jamardre Cobb balled out at this weekend's NFTC, but before laying some hurt on some offensive players, he took a trip to Cal.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Nearly two weeks ago, the California coaching staff offered a trio of Los Angeles Salesian defenders, including Jamardre Cobb. With this weekend's NFTC event taking place in Oakland – just a stone's throw from the Berkeley campus – Cobb and 2015 linebacker Kyahva Tezino paid a visit to the Bears.

"It's great. I got to take a look at the school, and it's amazing: Great campus, great coaches, just a great football team and a great atmosphere," Cobb said. "They showed me around the campus, and it was great. Great students, great atmosphere."

The fact that Cal offered Tezino, Cobb and Marquis Ware at the same time sparked an idea in Cobb's head, of the three all playing together in college.

"I want to play with Marquis, Kyahva and Rodney Carr, all three of them," Cobb said.

What did Cal see in Cobb that spurred the offer?

"They said they saw an amazing leader, great work ethic, great performance on the field," Cobb said.

On Cobb's visit, he got to speak with the coaches, tour the campus, and even try on the new gear the Bears unveiled last month.

"The new jerseys are nice, how they've got the bear in the number, that's real nice," Cobb said.

New swag, though, isn't a deal-maker or a deal-breaker for the four-star defender.

"It doesn't make a difference. It's not all about the jerseys," Cobb said. "It's about how the academics are, the atmosphere -- does the player fit here, do we fit the defense, do we like how the people are at the school -- that's what it's about. It's not really about the jerseys."

One thing that did fit well was the program.

"I think I fit the defense great," Cobb said. "I understand the plays, because we run the same defense at our school. The atmosphere was nice, the coaches are very nice, great coaches, and everything is perfect."

Does ‘perfect' mean that Cal could very well be Cobb's leader?

"It's perfect. It fits me," Cobb said, "but not yet. No school is really a leader yet. I'm still looking around, talking to my mom about it." Top Stories