CAMP: Irwin Opens Eyes

2015 wide receiver Trent Irwin puts on a show under the lights at Memorial Stadium during California's one-day camp and talks about some of the interest he's seen from several programs this spring.

BERKELEY -- When Trent Irwin's father asked him as a boy whether he'd contemplate going to his alma mater -- Michigan -- a young Trent said that it would be far too cold for him up in Ann Arbor. Despite an unseasonably frigid evening in Berkeley on Sunday, though, the 2015 wide receiver had nothing but positive vibes as far as California was concerned, as he hauled in just about everything thrown his way at the Golden Bears' one-day camp at Memorial Stadium.

"It's not cold here, usually," Irwin laughed. "It's usually good weather, 75-80, that's perfect ... It's my first real unofficial visit here, and I'm hoping to make some more. I want to get some time with the staff and see how they work. They seem like a really smart staff. They're very basic, but yet, complicated, if that makes sense. It's all about hurry up, make them tired, and I like how they understand this stuff."

The 6-foot-2, 185-pounder out of Newhall (Calif.) Hart was the talk of the camp thanks to his silky-smooth route running and his technical prowess honed from years of relentless perfectionism.

"Coach [Rob] Likens said to always come back to the ball, because the DB, a lot of times, they're faster, so you've got to create separation, so you always have to come back to the ball," Irwin said.

With offers from Cal and Colorado, Irwin is sure to see his stock soar over the next year and a half, and other schools are starting to take note.

"It's just Cal, really, but I'm trying to get out there this summer and then hit up some more camps next year," Irwin said. "We had a lot of schools this summer at our school. We had Washington, we had Florida, we had Oklahoma State, we had numerous schools."

Before hitting the field, Irwin got to check out the facilities and the campus with his father.

"The weight room was really nice, and I got a whole tour of that area," Irwin said. "I got to see all the rings and trophies and everything."

Irwin said that it's safe to say that this was the first of several more visits he wants to make to Berkeley.

"Hopefully, I can come to see a game and see how it looks," Irwin said.

Irwin is well-acquainted with several current Cal wide receivers, having played against Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper.

"I haven't gotten to talk to them much, because I just knew them from another team, but it's a good thing I never had to cover them," Irwin laughed.

With most of Irwin's attention coming from schools on the West Coast, he's started to consider whether or not he wants to stay closer to home when he goes to college. He smiled and laughed, saying that he hasn't had enough arguments with his parents to make him want to go too far afield.

"Not yet," he laughed. "Not yet. It doesn't matter a ton, but off the top of my head, I'm thinking, I don't know really my decision yet, whether I want to go away from home or stay near home, close to my parents and stuff." Top Stories