CAMP: Williams Talks Berkeley Experience

Which former Cal recruit has been talking up the Bears to Dorsey defender David Williams? Turns out, he goes to another Pac-12 school.

BERKELEY -- Although he went to school with current California linebacker Jason Gibson, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey athlete David Williams has actually heard more about the Golden Bears from a recruit who wound up not even donning the blue and gold.

"I talked to Raymond Ford," Williams said on Sunday, after the Cal one-day camp at Memorial Stadium. "He was committed here before he went to Washington State, so I talk to him about it a lot ... Basically, he said it was a great school and he loved it, and he just wished [...] he wanted me to focus heavily on my grades and stuff so I'd be able to get in."

Grades are hardly a problem for the wide receiver/free safety, who boasts a 4.0 GPA and has already taken honors chemistry, with AP Calculus on the docket for his senior year.

On Sunday, Williams worked hard towards perhaps scoring a scholarship offer from the Bears, learning the finer points of being a defensive back from Cal's Randy Stewart.

"It was very cool," Williams said of learning from Stewart, who helped send Nnamdi Asomugha to the NFL. "Best piece of advice that he gave me was that he taught me how to get out of my break a little bit faster. I really got low, drove hard with my arms and got out of my breaks."

Before he camped with the Bears, Williams and his coach got a chance to check out the campus and the one-year-old facilities.

"I took a tour of everything," Williams said. "I went through all of the facilities, the whole campus and everything. It was really nice."

Williams currently holds offers from Colorado State, Idaho, Hawaii and North Dakota, as well as the equivalent to an athletic scholarship from Yale.

"Academics, I really focus heavy on those, and I'm just trying to stay focused," Williams said. "I just finished out with a 4.0 again, so I'm really cranking." Top Stories