Beyond the Commitment: Luke Rubenzer

Luke Rubenzer talks filleting Fluffy, his possible major, the academic aspect of Berkeley and bringing along one of his Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro teammates in this edition of Beyond the Commitment.


Luke Rubenzer has heard ‘Use the force,' more times than he'd care to admit, though he says the Star Wars quote he gets most is, ‘I am your father.'

But, for the 6-foot, 185-pound California quarterback commit known as 'Luke Skywalker' on Twitter, a more apt quote would be, ‘Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?'

"When I'm playing, I just go out there and do my thing," Rubenzer says. "The way coach Franklin describes his philosophy to me is throwing to windows. Obviously, in college, you have 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6 linemen in front of you, but we've got a pretty big line at our school. Except for our center, everyone's 6-foot-2 or above, so having that in front of me, that height isn't a big deal, that made me confident in him, and making my decision to go to Cal.

"He told me from the beginning: Height doesn't matter. We've had coaches come through school, looking for recruits, and I've heard, numerous times, ‘We're looking for a quarterback for your class, but we're looking for someone taller' In my opinion, if you can play, you can play. If height's that big of a factor, you don't have to recruit me. It's not that big of a deal."

While on the subject of Twitter, few recruits have photos of dead cats in their image gallery. Rubenzer is the exception to the rule. So, why is poor Mittens sitting there, flayed out on the dissecting table in front of God and everyone?

"This year, I took human physiology and anatomy, and that was kind of our last big project for the year," says Rubenzer, who took a knife to the recumbent feline. "I've always had a lot of interest in medical school, and things of that nature, so when it comes to picking a major, I wouldn't really know. I've got to sit down and do some research on everything, but that was my anatomy class this year, and it was a blast."

While Rubenzer himself doesn't own a cat, he has had a few dogs in his childhood, and none of that made filleting Fluffy too difficult.

"It was something else," says Rubenzer. "We did a sheep's eye earlier in the year, and it was nothing, compared to a full cat. It was fun. It was definitely different, but fun. I thought it was pretty cool, so I just threw a picture up there."

Aside from dabbling in medicine, Rubenzer says that his hobbies off the football field include keeping cool during the Arizona summers, and, if you ask him, he's a pretty solid hand at pool basketball.

"I mean, in Arizona, especially in the summer, it's hotter than the rest of the world, so it's just hanging out, going swimming," says Rubenzer. "That's really about it. Pool basketball is definitely No. 1 on my list."

Lounging by the pool and playing some hydro hoops have occupied much of Rubenzer's free time since he got out of school on May 24, but before school got out for summer, Rubenzer posted a 4.2 GPA and tallied a 29 on the ACT, with a 35 -- one short of perfect -- on the math portion.

"I think I'm going to study business. I'm not too sure, yet, though," says Rubenzer. "I took my ACT and got a 35 on the math section, so I might consider something in math, because it comes easy to me, now. If I had to pick right now, it would be business. I'm not set on that decision, by any means."

Academics were a big factor in Rubenzer's commitment, especially after getting an in-depth look at the program and the school over the weekend.

"As far as outside of football, what really impressed me the most was really the balance between athletics and academics," says Rubenzer. "Not only are you doing it for your school, and playing big-time college football, but you're getting the best education in the whole world. For me, the two together, is just something you can't get anywhere else."

While Luke has found his Jedi calling in Berkeley, now, he's looking to the stars to bring a Kirk -- Christian Kirk, not the venerable captain – along with him.

"Definitely a kid in the class below me that has an offer from Cal: Christian Kirk. I've talked to him about coming to a game with me this fall, checking it out, and it sounds like he's excited about it, so I'm going to try to get on him about it," Rubenzer says. "He's a hell of a wide receiver, so if they're recruiting him as a wide out, I'll be pretty happy." Top Stories