Rosen Snags Coveted Offer

Coveted 2015 quarterback Josh Rosen finally snagged his long-awaited Cal offer on Monday morning, and talks about what other school he's waiting for and the rest of his busy week.

Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen has been waiting for a California offer for quite some time now, and on Monday, while out to breakfast with his family, he got a message from Pierre Ingram.

"I was really excited, because I got a Facebook message from Pierre Ingram: ‘Call me now, ASAP. I have some incredible news,'" Rosen said. "So, I called him, talked to Tony Franklin and then they broke the news and I was very grateful and thankful."

Although Rosen has been waiting for the Bears offer longer than others, he said that it doesn't really change his recruitment much.

"I sort of felt that, by senior year on Feb. 3, I'd have probably most of my top schools, and I was at the point with certain colleges, treating it as if I already had an offer, when I went up there [to Berkeley]," Rosen said. "It really doesn't change anything."

After not being able to make Cal's one-day Sonny Dykes Camp on June 9, Rosen will now head to Berkeley on Saturday for the first part of the Bears' three-day camp to cap off a busy week.

"I'm doing half of their camp, I'm flying up in the morning, camping a little bit, meeting coaches and everything, and I'm flying back that night," Rosen said. "Hopefully, I'm getting Stanford tonight. I'm actually here right now. Graduation was yesterday, and I was at my cousin's graduation, and I'm camping in a one-hour throwing session tonight, and then having a nice barbecue after. Tomorrow, I'm doing the junior day in the morning, and then one of the three or four workouts tomorrow night for the quarterback academy, and then I'm leaving on Wednesday."

Then, he flies right back up to the Bay Area to check out Cal.

"I think this last time I went up to Berkeley, when I went up for the Elite 11 and I stopped by, I think that was the first time on campus where the coaches really knew my name and were trying to sell the school to me, so that was really cool," Rosens said. "I think, heading up there excites the both of us, to check in and see how everything's going, to touch base, I think this last time was the first real visit. I wasn't just going up for a game." Top Stories