All in the Family

Three-star center Thomas Welsh visits both Cal and Stanford on a Bay Area swing, with 6-foot-8 brother Henry Welsh in tow.

Of the three Welsh children, the eldest – Jack – is the smallest, by quite a large margin. His younger brothers – senior-to-be Thomas Welsh and sophomore-to-be Henry Welsh -- are each at least six inches taller.

It made for some awkward living room wrestling matches back in the three brothers' shared youth, to say the least.

While Jack is preparing for Santa Clara in the fall, Thomas and Henry are busy on the hardwood, and on Monday, the two younger brothers paid a visit to Berkeley to check out the California basketball program, with 6-foot-8 Henry – who spent his freshman year on junior varsity for Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola – tagging along with 2014 Golden Bears target Henry.

"It was nice. I loved the campus. The coaches were really good people, I thought," Thomas said. "We were there for about four or five hours, walked around, talked to the coaches a little bit and got a tour of the campus, pretty much. Nothing really stood out more than anything else. It was just everything."

The Welsh clan got to check out highlight tape of the 2012-13 season, and Thomas spent quite a bit of time talking with the coaches about the intricacies of the offense.

"He told me how they use the offense in the low post, how they do that in their offense, using the high-low posts," Thomas said of head coach Mike Montgomery. "He said that, in his offense, whoever gets the rebound is the trail post, and the big guy gets down in the low post, but that it kind of varies between the two."

The 7-foot, 245-pound Thomas came to Berkeley fresh off of spending the weekend at Stanford, attending the Cardinal's camp, but got to spend a lot more time getting to know the Cal program than he did the program on the other side of the Bay.

"They're different styles of campus, I guess you could say, but they're both really impressive," Thomas said. "We didn't get to look around [Stanford] too much. It was just the camp, nothing really spectacular, but we had a really good time, though."

That said, Thomas did give each of the visits high marks.

"Both A's. I really liked them both," he said.

While Henry is a prospect now more for his size at such a young age than anything else, there is some interest cropping up, and with Henry tagging along with Thomas over the weekend, the youngest Welsh brother got a bit of a sneak peek into the recruiting process, particularly in regards to Cal.

While earlier in the recruiting process, Thomas and Henry hadn't really spoken much about the possibility of playing together, now, it's becoming more realistic.

"I think that would be really nice, obviously. It would be cool to experience it with him," Thomas said. "I'm sure that he would definitely take it into account. If I was going to a particular school, I think it would definitely be a factor. It's not something that we've touched on very much, but I'm sure that would be very nice.

"He loved them, also. He enjoyed his experience out there, I'm sure he had a great time, and he said that [Stanford and Cal] were both very impressive."

Thomas plans on returning to the Bay Area sooner, rather than later, when he and the rest of the family come up to move Jack into Santa Clara.

"We'll be coming up in September to move my older brother Jack back into Santa Clara, and we might have some extra time up there to take a look around some of the campuses," he said. Top Stories