BTTV: Ivan Rabb

Highlights and analysis of 2015 five-star Ivan Rabb as he hits the floor during Cal's team camp on Saturday.

BT's Take: There's not much to say about Ivan Rabb that hasn't already been said, but seeing him from the baseline is certainly an experience. While you expect most slam dunks to have some thunder about them, Rabb is just so smooth and effortless that his jams almost sneak up on you.

The thing that's evident from watching Rabb up-close is just how deliberate and in-control he is, which made his early game that much more disappointing.

Rabb played a bit unevenly on Saturday, owing to a come-down from his Team USA event and the level of competition (two straight 30-plus point blowouts), but he picked things up in the second game of the day, showing a lot more energy on defense, particularly on the in-bounds plays. He even had some nice showings in transition and passing from the high post, which is a dimension you don't see very often when he's playing against bigger, stronger competition and needs to be in the low post.

Rabb seemed to be at his best when he and Isiah Thomas were on the floor together, and he expressed his excitement at being able to play with Thomas on a regular basis, now that the latter has transferred to Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd. He feels that the two of them will present a lot of problems for opposing teams, given their length.

Rabb was also proud of finishing up the year with a hard-won 3.0 GPA, but he's still fairly low-key with the recruitment talk. The entire Cal staff watched O'Dowd's games on Saturday, and Mike Montgomery wasn't too good to take a seat on the floor of Haas, behind the basket (you can see Monty's legs in one of the clips above) so that he was more visible to Cal's top 2015 prospect.

When Rabb did turn it on, it was evident that he was the best player in the gym, but he sort of flopped around in his first game, which is a bit of a concern. You'd like to see a guy like that play hard all the time, but given the amount of games he's played over the past year, it's at least partly excusable. Top Stories