The Next Crabbe?

Cameron Walker breaks down his visit to Cal and just where the coaching staff sees him playing should he choose the Bears.

Things are starting to heat up in the Bay Area, and the same is happening for 2015 wing Cameron Walker's recruitment, as he continued a whirlwind swing around the state to visit his college suitors on Wednesday, visiting Berkeley and the California coaching staff.

"It was really good and I liked it," Walker said. "I pretty much got shown all over the campus and got to see everything. I think my favorite part was that they showed me a video of Allen Crabbe and how he plays and how they would try and set that up for the way I play."

Comparisons to one of tonight's NBA Draft picks, of course, were flattering, and now that he's seen how the Bears see him in their offense, Walker is going to pay much closer attention to this evening's proceedings.

Walker spent roughly three or four hours on campus with the coaches, though he was unable to talk with any of the active players.

"I met coach Gottlieb and then he took me into the offices and I met the rest of the coaches in the gym, then I went on a tour with Mohamed Muqtar, and he showed me everything about Cal," Walker said. "Then, I met the coaches for lunch and they showed me that video of Allen Crabbe."

Cal was by far not the first school Walker has visited. He's been to USC, UCLA, San Diego State, Pepperdine, Fresno State, UC Irvine, Stanford and Santa Clara.

"I'm not sure where Cal ranks, but it was pretty up there," Walker said. "I really liked it a lot. It was just the whole package; very balanced. From the academics to their program to having a guy like Allen Crabbe in the draft, it's hard to say one single thing stuck out." Top Stories