2015 VIDEO Intro: Dejounte Murray

Still two years away from making his college decision, Seattle A+ AAU star Dejounte Murray popped down to the Bay Area to reconnect with a fellow Washington native.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Long, lean, athletic and smooth, 2015 Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach guard Dejounte Murray came all the way down to California with his Seattle A+ AAU team, guided by former Travis DeCuire protégé and former Stanford point guard Mitchell Johnson.

"Dejounte is kind of a do-everything guard," Johnson said. "He can be a prolific scorer at times, has a lot of intangibles, and I think he's so long and so talented, that at times, he can kind of get away with things that he might not get away with on the next level, gambling on defense, taking tougher shots than he has to. Sometimes, that's kind of a product of his environment. He's so talented and good right now."

Murray has received interest so far from the Golden Bears, Washington and Boise State, but his connection with DeCuire is what brought him down to the Bay Area to play in front of the Cal assistant coach.

"I just talked to [DeCuire] about a month ago, when I was in Portland, and he said that he was interested in me, and they want us to come visit there soon," Murray said. "It's a good school. It's one school that I'm definitely going to take a visit to."

Murray – who was also watched by the Huskies' T.J. Otzelberger – has already visited the nearby Seattle campus.

"I visited the University of Washington two or three weeks ago, and it was good," Murray said. "It was a great opportunity. I got to see the new football stadium and the dorms – they have new dorms that they just built – and everything. They took me around on a tour of the whole school."

Murray is currently setting up a visit to Boise soon, at some point after another AAU tournament in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Both Murray and 2016 teammate Isiah Brown also intend to return to the Bay Area to check out Berkeley.

"We've got a good little bond," Murray said of DeCuire. "He hits me up when he can, I text him a lot, and he was coming here to see us, and now he's seen us. I think we did what we could do."

Murray claims offers from the Bears and the Huskies.

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