Grand Theft Golfcart

Even hoofing it around the M.C. Escher endless staircase drawing that is Berkeley didn't hamper 2015 offensive tackle Bar Milo's visit to Cal on Monday, which included another big-bodied prospect.

Three months almost to the day after receiving his scholarship offer from California, West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade offensive tackle Bar Milo -- the ever-so-common Texas-raised Israeli – finally visited Berkeley with his father and his older brother Mor, and their trip got off to an auspicious start to say the least.

"I saw a lot, and I would have seen more, but the golf cart got stolen," Milo said. "We only went to some key places."

After spending the night in Berkeley, Milo and his family awoke on Monday morning to take a tour of the Cal campus and meet with coaches, and after lunch, they were supposed to meet up with their blue and gold chariot to usher them around campus.

"We were going to see the whole campus after we saw the athletic facilities, and we got there, and there was no golf cart," Milo said. "Coach [Zach Yenser] comes out, and he was like, ‘Where the hell is the golf cart?' We're looking around, and we decided that we'd just walk."

The ever-affable 6-foot-5, 300-pound 2015 offensive tackle prospect was hardly perturbed by having to hoof it around the hilly Berkeley campus, and was in fact most impressed by what lay at the top of the east side.

"The business buildings were amazing," Milo said. "We went to their fantastic library – the five-story library – it was a good visit. I'd have to say that my favorite part was the athletic facilities, just how everything revolves around the stadium. Everything is outlined by the stadium. All of the new facilities are amazing. There are always people in the big weight room, people at the desk, people that will treat you if you're hurting or, if you're sick, there's a doctor ready. There's a lounge where you can sit back and watch TV, eat bagels or something like that, if you're hungry."

Milo's family is very focused on academics, and on that account, the Bears acquitted themselves quite well.

"They have such a high academic stature," Milo said. "My mom wished she could come out. She's in Israel right now. She's visiting some family, and my little sister went with her. So, my dad and my brother came with me, and they got to see the whole thing, too. Dad thought it was great. He liked it. He obviously loves the academics. He really cares about that, and so does Mom."

The other Milo Brother – Mor Milo – is currently entering his freshman season at Moorpark College as an offensive tackle, and as a full NCAA qualifier out of high school, he'll be looking for a university at the same time as Bar.

"My brother got to see the place too, and maybe he'll get recruited there, too," Bar said. "If he played all four years of high school, he probably would have a scholarship right now, but he didn't really like it freshman year. He came back senior year and coach [Ed] Croson thought that he should keep going with it, because once het gets on the field, coaches are going to be all over him."

Mor stands at 6-foot-6, 270 pounds after essentially grayshirting at Moorpark, and though he doesn't have his younger brother's power, even Bar admits that Big Bro is just a bit faster.

"He's going to play left tackle," Milo said. "He's getting out there and looking at some colleges and trying to make his way to D-1, too. He's always been a good athlete. He may be a little faster than me. He's gained a little weight, so that's good for the offensive line. He might still be a little faster than me, but Little Brother is always going to come out on top at the end."

Bar Milo has visited several other Pac-12 schools, but always as part of camps, and never for the sole purpose of visiting. He's seen Oregon ("It was really nice. The facilities are obviously great, and they so much money into that, but you can't beat Cal's academics."), UCLA and USC.

"The UCLA coach invites me to camps and to practices all the time just to check it out, and always wants to show me more of the campus, so that's always great," Milo said of the Bruins.

Though Milo said that the Bears' facilities are just a tick below the Ducks, he still rated his visit to Berkeley an ‘A.'

"Cal is definitely up there," Milo said. "The visit was probably second, right behind Oregon, because Oregon's facilities are just out of this world. They have everything known to man. Cal also has great facilities, but not as good as Oregon's. I think they beat UCLA and USC. You can't beat the Coliseum, but I like how, at Cal, their stadium is attached to everything else, which I really like, and everything's close. The dorm is maybe half a mile away and besides that, the classes are there. If I were to get into business, it'd be right next to the stadium, so I like how it's all close. I don't have to make long trips."

Of course, not having that golf cart gave Milo his first experience on the M.C .Escher drawing that is the Berkeley campus, and he did find one other gripe, familiar to any Cal fan.

"Me and Yenser were talking how the parking is awful – there's nowhere to park there," Milo laughed. "That's one thing I can take away from Cal, but Cal is just great. While we were sitting there to see where the golf cart was, I got to see two giant D-linemen jump on their little scooters and take off. That was funny. The scooter is definitely the way to go."

Milo, his father and brother will now make the seven-hour trip back down to southern California, but Bar will be back again, soon enough.

"I'll be back again during the season," Milo promised. "If coach lets me, I might come up to the USC game, and coach said he'll get me three tickets, maybe take my mom and dad, my dad and brother, maybe just take two friends, drive up here on a little road trip and see the game. Coach said that I'll get to see the whole pregame experience, and we'll go from there." Top Stories