2016 VIDEO Intro: Isiah Brown

The Seattle A+ pairing of Dejounte Murray and Isiah Brown is shaping up to be a deadly combo, and one which California is gunning for.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Seattle A+ AAU duo of Isiah Brown and Dejounte Murray have only been playing together for a few months, but they've already formed a close bond.

Brown – a strong-handled 2016 point guard out of Seattle Lakeside – already calls Murray – a long, lean, athletic shooting guard – as his brother.

"We compliment each other's game pretty well," says Brown. "He's just my brother, and it shows it on the court. He's my brother."

Brown and Murray came down to the Bay Area this past weekend to strut their stuff in front of several college coaches, including California's Travis DeCuire -- himself a native of the Northwest.

"Yeah, we've got a young team in general, just a bunch of 2015s and 2016s, so we wanted to come down and get a challenge, playing against some good competition, and also playing bigger guys and bigger competition makes us better, so when we do go and play against our own age, we'll be a little more dominant," Brown says.

Brown's handle is already very advanced for his age, but at times, he can try to do too much. He seems about a year away from having truly elite ball skills. Developing those ball skills falls on the shoulder of former Stanford point guard – and Seattle A+ coach – Mitchell Johnson.

"Isiah's a great, heady guard, who's sometimes almost too heady," Johnson says. "He needs to stop thinking so much. He's a great kid, a great player. He just needs to learn how to be a quarterback, call his own number and making his own guys better at the same time. That's a very, very tough thing to do, especially in today's game, because there aren't a lot of real true point guards out there. Hopefully, that's what we're trying to get him towards. He's only 2016, so he has a few years to get it under control. Hopefully, I can do that."

Brown had a great deal of trouble with Fresno (Calif.) Clovis North guard Colin Slater. The little dreadlocked guard showed some of the best on-ball defense of any player at the Nor Cal Summer Tip Off at City College of San Francisco, which helped to test the fellow 2016er Brown.

"He's a heck of a defender. He's one of the best on-ball defenders I've seen, especially at his age. He frustrated everybody else I've seen him play," Johnson said.

Brown and his A+ team downed Slater's Nor Cal Wildcats in their meeting on Sunday, much of it due to Brown's ability to distribute and get to the rack.

"When you watch a really, really good point guard, they control their defender. Sometimes, I think he lets his defender dictate too much and speed him up," Johnson says. "I think more than his handle, he's out-thinking himself. I think sometimes he's over-dribbling and not changing the speed, the pace. His handle is beautiful. In the gym, when we drill, he's one of the most drilled kids I've ever seen, one of the most polished kids. When he gets up to the next level, in a year or two years, you really have to change the speed and the direction and the pace, because kids are that much stronger, that much savvier, that much better."

Brown has already received plenty of interest from the Pac-12 – specifically UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington -- but has a special affinity for the Golden Bears.

"Obviously, I love California. I've been here a lot of times. I love being in Cali, and I don't know too much about them as a program, but I love the coaching staff. That's always some place that I've liked, and how they play. It's early, but I do like it, and I appreciate that they're paying attention to us."

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