DAY NINE: Sebastian Recovering

After a horrific collision that ended Monday's scrimmage, safety Avery Sebastian was released from the hospital this morning, much to the relief of head coach Sonny Dykes.

BERKELEY -- Though safety Avery Sebastian was not on the field on Tuesday following his harrowing hit on running back Jeffrey Coprich during Monday's scrimmage, he did spend much of the day at California's facilities, which was a boost not only to the team's morale, but the coaching staff's, as well.

"Avery's good. Avery is here. He spent the day over in our facilities, so he's good," said relieved head coach Sonny Dykes. "He is stiff and having a little pain here and there, but he's actually doing pretty well."

Coprich, for his part, was cleared to play with no evidence of a concussion.

Dykes was not ready, to offer a confirmed diagnosis on Sebastian, following the head-to-head hit that halted the Bears' first scrimmage of the fall.

"We're still trying to diagnose that," Dykes said. "He's going to continue to be diagnosed, and once we know exactly what we're dealing with, we'll make some kind of statement."

Sebastian had "mostly" just neck stiffness, and while Dykes said that there is no firm timetable for his return, Dykes emphatically stated that the starting free safety will be ready to play this season.

"I'd be surprised if he didn't," Dykes said.

Dykes and his wife joined a strong contingent of Sebastian's teammates last night at Highland Hospital in Oakland, comforting the players and showing support for the fallen junior.

"It was just impressive how many players that we had there," Dykes said. "I thought it was a real credit to how close we are as a football team. We had guys that went straight from the practice field to the hospital. I was just impressed that they were there. Everybody handled it well. It's not something that you enjoy, obviously, and it was tough, but I thought our players kept their emotions in check, and let the people do their work. I thought our team doctors and emergency people did an incredible job. I thought they handled it as well as they could possibly handle it." Top Stories