DAY 13: Offensive Notebook

Jared Goff has a few miscues, but still looks strong, as Zach Kline and Kenny Lawler continue their profitable association on Day 13 of fall camp.

BERKELEY -- While the California quarterbacks likely got more throws in during Sunday evening's team bowling excursion than during practice, the Bears did get in some offensive work the day after the second scrimmage of the fall, in which true freshman starting quarterback Jared Goff went 12-for-19 for 113 yards, two touchdowns and a pick, while redshirt freshman Zach Kline went 14-for-17 for 156 yards and a touchdown pass.

There were precious few seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 reps on Sunday, but both Goff and Kline continued their strong weekends.

Goff began with two straight completions in his full 11-on-11 drive at the start of practice, hitting Jackson Bouza and Chris Harper, before throwing high to Bryce Treggs deep on the left sideline, and taking a sack thanks to a low snap from starting center Chris Adcock.

Goff and Kline each ran hurry-up, no-huddle offensive drives against a defense largely showing nickel for much of the day. After the sack, Goff found Daniel Lasco on a screen to the left for a short gain, and then found a leaping Bouza again over the middle for about 20 yards, thanks to some stout blocking from the offensive line, which gave Goff all the time in the world to read through his progressions.

A second incompletion from Goff to Treggs – sailing wide and high on the left – brought on the field goal team and place kicker Vincenzo DAmato, who promptly missed a 47-yarder from the left hash, wide left.

Kline, for his part, continued his strong bond with receiver Kenny Lawler, who caught a touchdown pass from Kline in Saturday's scrimmage. Lawler caught two of Kline's first five passes on a drive that ended in a 27-yard field goal by DAmato from the right hash.

Later, Kline and Lawler hooked up again for a long gain against defensive back Dan Fadelli and then on the next play with a tunnel screen, where Kline turned left and then came back to his right to find Lawler.

After Kline's stellar performance on Saturday, Dykes was asked whether the starting role could still be in flux.

"You're always evaluating guys. It's the same situation. We'll go in, evaluate them today and if we think we need to do something different, we'll do something different," Dykes said. "I don't think we have that feeling right now, but the quarterback competition's just like every other position on our team. We have starters at every position, but they're always competing. If somebody becomes better than another guy, then he takes their place. That's just the way it works."

The offensive line was again strong, though of course in limited live action. Dykes attributed the line's improvement – particularly in the penalty department -- to a strong week of practice between Monday's mistake-fraught scrimmage and Saturday's effort, in which the Bears rushed for 197 yards on 30 attempts.

"That's the way things work during fall camp. It's the same deal. Everywhere I've ever been, the first scrimmage, the defense gets after the offense. The second scrimmage, the offense gets after the defense," Dykes said. "That's the way fall camp works, and it kind of works that way everywhere. What happens is, offense is a lot of moving parts and it comes together, and then the offense starts to get a little bit settled and confident and the defense has a lot of moving parts. They're doing a lot more blitzing and that kind of stuff. Typically, they don't do as well in the second scrimmage. That's kind of the way it's played out, and that's, as I've said, not any different than normal."

The line, though, did have two penalties, including a costly false start from Freddie Tagaloa that loomed large for Dykes after he reviewed the tape.

"Freddie had a false start, down when we were putting that 15-play drive together, offensively, and it was a third-and-two, but we got back to third-and-seven, didn't get it, and on fourth down, we didn't convert," Dykes said. "I thought the defense had an opportunity to get off the field three-and-out, and we missed an open-field tackle on third down on Bigelow in the flat, and I think, what happened is, all of the sudden, a 15-play drive resulted, and when you go back and look at that, that was a pretty critical play in the scrimmage, because if they get a three-and-out, the defense creates some momentum, and the offense, all of the sudden, is struggling a little bit. I think it's just great teaching for us.

"It was great teaching, because we can emphasize how important the penalty was, how important the missed tackle was – all those things are critical to what ended up playing out during the course of the scrimmage, and that's why you have scrimmages – to be able to emphasize those things to your players and teach off of it. There were a lot of teaching points that we can improve on in the scrimmage."

After the big rushing day, several Cal backs turned in nice runs on Sunday. Though Brendan Bigelow started out shadow 11s with a fumble, he made up for it in 11-on-11s with a big run around the right edge. Later in the drive, Jeffrey Coprich put a nifty spin move on a linebacker after bursting through the right B gap for a significant gain.

Khalfani Muhammad abused Alex Logan on his big run of the day, stepping away from the redshirt senior safety on the left edge for a first down.

-- Dykes said that he and the staff will "talk about" having another full-pads practice before the Aug. 31 opener against Northwestern.

"I would anticipate at least once or twice more, but we'll see," he said. "There's really not any difference between pants and shorts, in terms of the way we practice."

-- The first-team offensive line remained the same as it was on Saturday, while the second-team line was comprised of Christian Okafor (RT), Alex Crosthwaite (RG), Mark Brazinski (C), Chris Borrayo (LG) and Brian Farley (LT). The freshman Borrayo has been one of the standouts along the offensive front this camp.

"He's been consistent. He's big and strong. He's picked things up quickly," Dykes said. "I think his deal is just his strength. It's the biggest positive for him. He covers people up, gets hands on them, he's pretty effective in the run game, has gotten a lot better as a pass blocker. He's a guy that we think has a chance to do some things for us."

-- Wide receiver Maurice Harris was still limited on Sunday after receiving the results of an X-ray on his injured finger, but Dykes said the redshirt sophomore should see his live reps increase through the third week of camp.

"It showed that there was healing going on," Dykes said of the results of the X-ray. "Still going to let him go a little bit longer to make sure it's fully healed. I would expect him back in the middle of the week." Top Stories