VISIT REPORT: The Wisdom of Solomon

Senior center Richard Solomon played host to a trio of Sacramento (Calif.) underclassmen on Saturday, impressing one rising point guard, in particular.

On Saturday, 2016 point guard Christian Terrell joined Sacramento (Calif.) teammates Solomon Young and Tre Finch as guests of the California basketball team, and got his first look inside the Bears program, thanks in large part to senior center Richard Solomon.

"He gathered us in and gave us a good welcome and made us feel like we were just part of their team, not like we were just some high school kids coming to work out with big-time players," Terrell said. "He didn't try to be arrogant or seem like he's a big star. He was just humble, and that was really good.

"My favorite part was getting to see how the players interact with each other during workouts and even after, when we went down to shower. There was a lot of team bonding stuff, being close together with your teammates -- that hit hard for me. I liked that."

Terrell – a 6-foot-3, 150-pound point guard prospect – averaged 4.3 points, 2.7 boards, 1.9 assists and 1.2 steals per game last season for the Dragons, and already has offers from Washington and UC Irvine, but Saturday was his first up-close look at a major Division I program.

"It was really a great experience for a young athlete to go to such a high major college and get to work out with some of the athletes there and meet the people behind it all," Terrell said.

One of the big things Terrell is looking for in a potential college destination is a well-rounded program that is involved in other campus activities, off the hardwood. After Saturday's visit, the Bears certainly fit the bill.

"I want to be welcomed and feel like I'm at home," Terrell said. "The team is into other school activities, like at the football game, they let the team on the field and they announced them. They seem really involved, and I like that."

During the visit, Terrell got to gab a bit with the coaching staff, including head coach Mike Montgomery.

"We talked about 10 minutes before we started working out and when we went to the football game," Terrell said. "[Montgomery] came down with us, and we were talking a little bit, individually. He asked what we think of Cal, what we thought of the workout, and talked to us about what we like to do when not playing basketball, picking our brains." Top Stories