SCOTT: Not a Bad Idea

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott talks about Cal head coach Sonny Dykes's suggestion to curb the practice of fake injuries, and more, as he addresses the media at halftime.

BERKELEY -- Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said at Saturday's California-Ohio State clash that he hopes the new contract with AT&T UVerse, which becomes the first service to offer multiple Pac-12 regional networks aside from just the local and national pair in a given market, put pressure on DirecTV.

"Definitely more [pressure]," Scott said. "They won't say how many customers they're losing, and it's hard for us to track, but this will certainly amp up the number of customers that are switching, because AT&T is one of the fastest growing as far as market share. I think it puts more pressure on, and certainly, pokes some holes in the argument that it's not valuable to our fans."

The last time Scott and the conference had a meeting with DirecTV was in July in Los Angeles during the Football Media Day.

"There just hasn't been any traction," Scott said.

With three Pac-12 channels running in the Bay Area on UVerse – the Bay Area Pac-12 Network and the Los Angeles Pac-12 Network – Scott said he hopes that, in the future, all regional Pac-12 Networks can be available within the entire conference footprint.

Next year, Scott said, the channels will broadcast 850 conference sporting events.

Scott also addressed Cal head coach Sonny Dykes's suggestion that players who go down with injuries be forced to stay out for a number of plays or an entire series, in order to ensure proper treatment on the sidelines if the injury is legitimate, and to serve as a de facto punishment for illegitimate injuries.

"More and more every year run at a high pace," Scott said, of the number of teams running up-tempo offenses. "It's not something that's gotten discussion, and like other issues over the years, it's fallen into the basket of unsportsmanlike conduct, in terms of how we look at it. It's very hard to police, as a rule, but I think coach Dykes has come up with an interesting suggestion. It's not something we've discussed yet, and it's not something you discuss in the middle of a season. I think, if we have ongoing issues on a regular basis, that's the kind of thing we'd discuss in the offseason. We'd consider it."

Scott said Dykes's suggestion "would have a positive effect," but that it would have to be implemented nationally.

"We're going to monitor it and see, but we're not going to draw too many conclusions from one nonconference game," Scott said. Top Stories