THURSDAY: Talking QBs, OL and D-line rotation

Sonny Dykes talks APR and GSR, quarterback naming timeline, defensive line depth and who'll get time at right guard (and how much).

BERKELEY -- California does not yet have a starting quarterback for Saturday, but head coach Sonny Dykes said on Thursday that a decision will be made – and announced – soon.

"I think they both practiced well," Dykes said of incumbent Jared Goff and redshirt freshman Zach Kline. "We'll go in and look at the tape tonight and probably make a decision tomorrow, and then, probably, release it tomorrow, if possible. I don't see any reason in waiting until game time. We'll see how that plays out."

Dykes said that both Goff and Kline "practiced well" throughout the week, but that the older Kline may have taken a slight edge later on.

"I thought Zach has picked it up in the latter half of the week," Dykes said. "I thought he was really sharp today and I thought he was really sharp yesterday, so we'll see."

Dykes re-affirmed his starting offensive line for Saturday, (left to right: Christian Okafor, Chris Borrayo, Jordan Rigsbee, Alex Crosthwaite, Steven Moore), though the right guard spot may be up for at least a little debate.

"I think probably either one of them could start," Dykes said, referring to Crosthwaite and former starting left tackle Freddie Tagaloa, who's been moved inside. "I would think both of them would play. I think Alex has performed pretty decent up to this point, so I think he's probably a little more comfortable there, right now, than maybe Freddie is, because it's a new position for Freddie."

Dykes was pleased with Rigsbee's progress as the center, taking over for Mark Brazinski, who had taken over for injured starter Chris Adcock.

"I think he's fine," Dykes said. "I think he'll play great. I think he'll snap the ball well, and I think it's going to be a great position for him."


The Bears have not had any additional injuries on defense for two straight weeks, allowing that unit to start to gel once again.

"We haven't had a ton of injuries, so they've got two weeks of practice to kind of get settled in a little bit, and Andy [Buh] has had some carryover from last week to this week, in terms of the guys being in the same spots," Dykes said. "I think they'll play better."

While the Bears may not have any more injuries on defense, they will be another man down, with the departure of defensive tackle Gabe King. King was second on the depth chart behind starting defensive tackle Deandre Coleman, and Dykes said that Cal will go with a three-man rotation on the inside, with Coleman, Viliami Moala and Jacobi Hunter.

As for King's departure itself, Dykes declined to comment at any length.

"I told him I wouldn't say anything," Dykes said. "It is what it is. The press release covered it."


Dykes also responded to the recent release of the 2003-06 cohort of graduation success rates, which put Cal squarely at the bottom of all BCS schools.

"It's not good," said Dykes. "I knew when I took the job that there was an academic situation that needed to get fixed, and I think what we've done speaks for itself, in terms of having the best GPA in the spring in five years and the best GPA in the summer in 10 years. I think we're making strides, but it's something we've got to improve, and we will. We've added additional resources to address the problem, and I think our players know where we stand, academically, and the biggest thing we're going to do, too, is recruit the right student athletes. We want our guys to get a degree. It's important that we improve that number. That number is going to be slow to improve, because it's 2003 this year, and it'll be 2004 next year. But, I think the rate that we'll be able to make the quickest adjustment in, is going to be the APR, because the APR is basically what's happening this year. When we release our APR this spring, I think the number's going to be really good, and I think it'll speak highly to where we're headed." Top Stories