Cal offensive line commit Kamryn Bennett is quite the shutterbug, and with his future in Berkeley coming into focus, he talked in-depth with BearTerritory.

For many high school students, getting rid of that pesky Fine Arts credit is usually done with a class at the local community college, or taken grudgingly in the final semesters of high school. Newly-minted California offensive line commit Kamryn Bennett, though, has always wanted to do a little more than just dabble in photography, and is currently taking a photography class at Peoria (Ariz.) Centennial.

"Part of it is that I've always wanted to go into sports photography or something like that, going to football games and taking pictures," Bennett says. "I have a film camera, a Kodak, made in 1980-something. I have two different lenses and it takes its own film cartridges. It's a whole set.

"Right now, we're just focused on developing film and shooting still-life photos and messing with the lighting. Then, we get into the deeper stuff like taking action shots, changing aperture so you can get the focus in on the action. We're focused on that, now."

Bennett's favorite photo, at the moment, is a quiet-moment snapshot he got of Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress.

"I'll go down before the game and get guys talking to each other in pre-game," Bennett says. "A couple years ago, it was the Giants' first game back from winning the Super Bowl, at the Cardinals' stadium, it was their preseason game, I believe, and I caught Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress talking and tossing the ball around. It was like before they went into battle."

When Bennett is standing on the sideline, his mind's eye can see the photo opportunities, especially with big hits.

"Heck yeah, a lot of times with my teammates," he laughs.

Centennial is in the midst of an undefeated league season and has a 9-1 mark overall, and the Coyotes have rushed for 3,202 yards, averaging a staggering 8.43 yards per carry behind Bennett and his compatriots. The defense Bennett referred to has been on a tear since a season-opening 42-21 loss to Chandler (Ariz.), and since then, have allowed just 10.44 points per game, including two straight shutouts against Glendale (Ariz.) Ironwood and Surprise (Ariz.) Willow Canyon.

The largely run-based offense has averaged 36.6 points per game, with 37 rushing touchdowns.

While photography is currently the apple of Bennett's eye, he says that English was his favorite subject.

"I like English more than anything else," he says. "What I like about English is understanding symbolism in stories. One of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby. I didn't want to read it at all, but once I started reading it getting into it, I really liked the story, how it played out and how all the symbolism in the story played into the story."

Bennett currently has a 3.1 cumulative GPA, and will make his official visit in December. Top Stories