UPDATED: Hale Hospitalized

Details on Friday's locker room incident that sent freshman running back Fabiano Hale to the hospital.

UPDATE: In a statement from Cal Athletics, the Bears have released the following:

"We are fully cooperating with an investigation into an incident involving members of our football team. our team culture is built on mutual respect for and accountability to each other.

"There has been a lot of misinformation reported today that does need to be addressed:
-- A player was checked into the urgent care facility at the Tang Center on campus as soon as possible after an incident occurred by a member of our sports medicine staff.
-- Once fully advised of the situation, a Cal physician, coach and administrator each contacted the player's family prior to the family's arrival at the hospital. In addition, the coach personally visited the player and his family at the hospital.

"We are still in the process of gathering information but will not rush to judgement. We will have no further comment until the investigation is complete."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, freshman walk-on running back Fabiano Hale was part of a locker room altercation, which sent Hale to the Tang Center and then the Alta Bates Medical Center.

According to reports by the Chronicle's Hunter Hewitt, a family friend of Hale's stepfather, the player responsible dressed for Saturday's game and coaches were not at the hospital with Hale, an allegation head coach Sonny Dykes refuted to Hewitt. Dykes told Hewitt that the other player involved did not dress for Saturday's game, and that there was an assistant coach present at the hospital.

Hale was reportedly sleeping in during a Friday workout, and players had to do extra work because of his absence. Players were allegedly told to deal with Hale, but "leave it in the locker room," according to Hewitt's source. Dykes refuted that assertion, as well, as did multiple sources who have spoken to BearTerritory.

Hewitt's source said that Hale was later seen in the locker room and blindsided.

In a comments section of a story on ESPN.com, a user (Gino Panelli) purporting to be Hale's stepfather said: "You are all wrong actually. Stop assuming and stop making stupid judgements. It's my stepson and the truth will come out soon. It wasn't a fight- it was 2 white kids- it was a bad situation that could have really ruined my son. The police had to be notified by the Dr since it was considered an assault- the Athletics dept WILL be dealing with this. There is a lot you all don't know, so stop thinking you do. Thnx"

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