BIG GAME: Postmortem

Some staggering statistics from the defensive side of the ball this season, plus some of the more quotable words from Cal after an embarrassingly historic 50-point loss to Stanford.

Stanford, Calif. -- Some quotables from the postgame pressers about going into next season:

What does Jared Goff focus on this offseason: "I think just kind of taking control of everything, grabbing the team and being the leader of the team, taking control of everything, which is what I need to do."

Where's Zach Kline's head (and heart): "It's going to be a tough offseason. But, we've just got to look ahead. If we dwell on the past, it's just going to infect the whole team, get in our heads, our confidence will be down. We have to stay confident. We wish this season we played with a fight and confidence. Wish we could have gone out well, the way we wanted it to, a winning season for the seniors. Next year, we have to capitalize on it.

"Going in, seeing my best friends crying, knowing that's the last time they're ever going to put the pads on, it's eerie. It's very different. For me, I have a lot of time. I'm going to be able to put the pads on in a couple weeks. It's just really weird. It's strange to see that these guys are never going to play football again. We're going to carry that into every single day, every single workout, every single time we go to class. You're not playing for yourself; you're playing for the guy next to you. You always hear that cliché, but now it's very real for a lot of the guys, including myself."

As head coach Sonny Dykes walked in to the media tent: "I'm sure you guys are licking your chops."

Some notes: This is the first time that Cal has gone an entire season without beating a FBS or Division I team in program history … this team has given up 120 more points than Tom Holmoe's Bears did during the 1-10 season in 2001 … speaking of that season, 2013 surpasses that year for the lowest winning percentage in Cal football history … With 551 points given up, this is by far the worst defense in Bears history.

Is anyone on this staff guaranteed to be back next year: "I'll take a look at it all," Dykes said. "I can't guarantee I'll be back next season."

What will Dykes change: "We're going to get faster, stronger in the weight room. We're going to get bigger and improve our diet. We're going to be more committed to getting sleep, rest, recovery. We're going to learn how to play on offense and defense. Our coaches are allowed to start meeting with our players for two hours a week. We're going to meet for two hours a week starting next week. We're going to recruit better. We're going to recruit kids that deserve to be at Cal and want to be at Cal. We're going to learn how to tackle, line up, play hard. We're going to block. We're going to learn how to execute on offense. I mean, there's a lot of things we're going to get better at. I've got three notebooks full of stuff." Top Stories