Beyond the Commit: Kennedy Emesibe

Kennedy Emesibe talks about the importance of academics, how many advanced placement classes he's taking, his relationship with Garret Chachere and more as we go Beyond the Commitment.

The Emesibe family must have a UC bingo card stashed somewhere at home, because on Sunday – the day before he returned to school at Oak Hills (Calif.), the youngest of five sons -- Kennedy Emesibe -- joined his older brothers Melvin (UCLA) and Galvin (UC Davis) as members of the blue and gold family, calling California defensive ends coach Garret Chachere to declare his commitment to the Bears. Shortly after calling the Cal coaching staff, Emesibe went in-depth about his commitment with BearTerritory.

"I have a really good relationship with him," Emesibe said of Chachere. "He came and saw me play this season, and he's been coming to my school during the period when you're allowed to come see athletes, so, to be honest, Cal's the only school that's been showing me love, so I decided to show [Chachere] love. They're showing me their loyalty. They really wanted me, and I want to go to school where I'm not a second choice. I want to be that guy that they wanted all along, because they need a D-end. They offered me last year, in April or March, so they were my first offer, too, so it was like, they basically helped out my recruiting process, giving me the first offer, because everybody knows the first offer is the hardest offer to get, so they put down the table for me to get my other eight offers, and out of my nine offers, those guys have been showing me the most love."

Chachere's response when Emesibe called him in the midst of the dead period?

"He was saying that was fantastic," Emesibe said. "He said I made his whole year."

Now that that's settled, Emesibe will trip up to Berkeley officially during the last weekend of January, a visit he had to push back one week.

"I'm just looking forward to meeting people that are already on the team and the other recruits that I'm going to be spending the next four or five years with," Emesibe said. "I've already gained a close bond with the coaches, so now I want to form a close bond with the players that I'll be playing with. I feel like the closer you are, the better you play on the field."

Being close to home for college ball also appeals to Emesibe, who also had offers from Yale, Arizona, Washington State and Missippi State, among others.

"I think it'll be really exciting," he said. "I didn't mind going too far, but since Cal is right there, it'll be great, after the game, to see family and friends every game when I leave the locker room."

That big family of his has placed a huge emphasis on academics for Emesibe, and it shows. Aside from his 45 tackles and team-high 12 sacks, perhaps his most impressive numbers come in the classroom.

"I have a 3.6 overall GPA. I'm not a bad student," he said. "This semester, I'm taking three AP classes, and I passed all of those with B's, so I have no bad grades, and that's what they're looking for. I think I'll fit in very well at Cal. Yeah, they have hard academics, but I'll get tutors and stuff. I don't think academics are much of a problem for me."

Those three Advanced Placement classes? Psychology, English Literature and Statistics.

"My Auntie wanted me to go to school so that if I don't make it to the NFL – the NFL's the dream – but if I don't make it, I'll have a good degree in my pocket, and Cal – UC Berkeley – is a well-known school for academics," said Emesibe. Top Stories