BSB: Getting to Know Aaron Knapp

What weapons does freshman outfielder Aaron Knapp bring to the table, becoming the third member of his family to put on blue and gold?

The third Knapp to come through the California baseball program, Aaron Knapp is the younger brother of Philadelphia Phillies second-round draft pick Andrew Knapp, and the son of former Bears backstop Mike Knapp. Aaron is the first of the three not to pull on the catcher's gear, and his game is very different from that of his older brother.

Aaron's game is all about speed. He was a top-notch safety for Granite Bay (Calif.), like his brother, but he is far more athletic. He handles the bat well – which will serve him in bunting – and has a compact, direct swing that brings the bat head straight to the ball. In that respect, he's just like his older brother.

The younger Knapp is strictly a left-handed swinger, which gives him a headstart going up the first base line. Knapp may be the odd man out in the crowded outfield, which has five viable candidates to play, including Knapp and Brian Celsi, as well as starters Derek Campbell, Vince Bruno and Devin Pearson, but that doesn't mean he won't get playing time. He's an ideal No. 2 hitter in this lineup, able to lay down a bunt not only to move runners over, but also for base hits, and he can hit with a bit of power. Knapp is versatile enough to play all three outfield spots, but he's looked most comfortable with room to run in center field. Top Stories