New Cal Offeree Will "Bury You"

Could a former Cal running back play a role in getting one of the nation's best interior linemen to come all the way out west from North Carolina?

Brian Chaffin is a monster both in the classroom and outside of it. And he's not afraid to show it.

A 4.4 GPA student with a 23 on the ACT, the best way that California's latest offeree describes his playing style: "I going to bury you."

Observers have said that Chaffin is not only a top-notch center, but is one of the best interior linemen overall in the 2015 class.

"I love to get after people," Chaffin said. "I'm going to go after you for four quarters, I'm going to bury you any time that I can, but I also consider myself a smart player that's good in space and is pretty athletic."

Golden Bears offensive line coach Zach Yenser has been speaking with Chaffin for about a week or two, and offered the 6-foot-3, 280-pound center out of Charlotte (N.C.) Charlotte Christian School on Tuesday.

"He just messaged me and said to give him a call, so I gave him a call and he told me that he loved the way I played the game, and obviously, with all the talent in the state of California, for them to come out to North Carolina to recruit a player means a lot to me, and it shows a lot to me that he's really interested," Chaffin said. "You're not going to do that unless you are interested. That's what he was saying, and he was telling me all about what Cal has to offer, in terms of education and competing in the Pac-12 and stuff like that."

There's a lot to like about Cal for Chaffin -- who's only been as far west as Chicago ("I'm definitely willing to travel and to go check it out," he said) – including Yenser himself.

"He played center, so he's had experience, which is very attractive to me, and I'm just humbled to have this opportunity. I'm really happy about it," Chaffin said. "He said he just loves the way I play the game. He loves the way I bring my lunch pale to work every day. I'm willing to compete. I'm going to give all I have, and I just love to play the game. He said he could see it on tape, and he likes the way I go about my business."

Chaffin didn't know much about the Bears coming into the process, but he does know that Berkeley offers a "top-notch education," which is appealing to the future business major.

"It's a little bit something different, and education is a huge priority to me," Chaffin said. "I would say that's No.1. Playing in the Pac-12, it's a great conference, and also, having a coach that played center is something that's very attractive. He can relate to what I need to tweak or something that's going on. He can relate to it, because he's had that personal experience, so I find that attractive, as well.

"I've heard some things about coach Yenser, just following him on social media and stuff like that, but other than that, I don't know a whole lot about it, and that's why I'm going to visit, for sure. I'm going to check it out and find out some more information."

Some information he's already gleaned from former Cal running back – and current Cornelius (N.C.) Hough running backs coach -- Shawn White, who once coached Chaffin in a middle school all-star game.

"He played at Cal, so I've kept in contact with him about it," Chaffin said. "I called him today, and he was all excited. He was happy for me, obviously. He coached me in my eighth-grade all-star game, and we've had a good relationship and he's helped me with some of the recruiting process and stuff like that. He played there, and said it's a great place, that California's a great place to live, so I found that good information."

Chaffin said that he's "definitely" planning on coming out to visit Berkeley, but he has "no idea when that will be, yet."

When he does, he'll also try to see Stanford, UCLA and Oregon.

"Cal will be my primary target," Chaffin said of his potential west coast swing. "It's a great opportunity, so I'm pretty open, right now, in terms of looking at schools and stuff. I'm really excited about it." Top Stories