Newsome Talks First West Coast Offer

Grant Newsome already knows what he wants to study in college, but will he do it in Berkeley? He got his first West Coast offer this week, and he talks about it with BearTerritory.

The New Jersey winter may not be quite as sunny as the one we've had out in California, but there was one ray of sunshine for four-star offensive tackle Grant Newsome: An offer from the Golden Bears.

Newsome – out of Lawrenceville (N.J.) Lawrenceville Prep -- is the No. 22 offensive tackle in the nation, at 6-foot-6, 280 pounds, and holds 19 offers, but the numbers that matter most to him are somewhere in the 1860s. There's his SAT score (1860 on the nose), first of all, and secondly, when he gets to college, he wants to major in history, focusing on the American Civil War. Before you ask, no, there aren't any family or friends that are reenactors. He just digs the subject.

"It's just always been an interesting piece of history for me, and one that I've always wanted to study, so I really look forward to studying it in college," Newsome explained.

Right now, Newsome is taking U.S. History AP, and just finished studying World War I. He boasts a 3.65 GPA, and that's one of the big reasons that offensive line coach Zach Yenser has been figuratively knocking on Newsome's door. Academics are also a big part of why he's returning the attention.

"That's what he was trying to say, is that, at Cal, just like at Stanford, they're trying to recruit guys that are not only good athletes, but good students, as well, and that's what he really liked about me," Newsome said. "To be honest, I don't know a ton about Cal, just because I am pretty far away from it. Obviously, I know that it's a great school, and that they have a very good football program. I know that they play in the Pac-12, and that's some of the best football in the nation."

While being like that other school across the Bay might ring slightly less than euphonic in the ears of Cal fans, there's no doubt that the Cardinal's philosophy of recruiting linemen who compete both on and off the field is something that even head coach Sonny Dykes has said on multiple occasions would be a model that the program can and should follow.

And, speaking of Stanford, that's another school on Newsome's list, though the Cardinal have yet to offer.

Newsome came out to the Bay Area on July 29 to visit Stanford, but he may be making another West Coast swing soon, to take a look at the only school on the West Coast to actually have extended a scholarship.

"Last summer, I went out to visit Stanford, so I think it's definitely a doable trip," Newsome said. "It's just a little bit more planning and a little bit more time, but I think that I would definitely be interested in visiting Cal. I just have to make sure it can work, logistically. Besides that, there's no reason I wouldn't want to go out and check out Cal."

As for when he wants to make a decision?

"I think I just have to take the visits over the summer. I've just begun to schedule those, so I don't really have a complete idea of where I want to go," Newsome said. "I just have to take the visits, narrow it down a little bit, and hopefully, I'll know by the end f the summer where I want to go." Top Stories