Bears Offer Academic All-Star

Cal continues its string of national offers, this one going out to an offensive lineman from the state of Mississippi with a 4.1 GPA and an interest in business.

California offensive line coach Zach Yenser continues to blanket the country with 2015 offers, and his latest goes out to yet another academic all-star in Bay St. Louis (Miss.) St. Stanislaus offensive tackle Ryan Gibson, who carries an unweighted GPA of 3.7, and a weighted mark of 4.1.

"He obviously liked the academic part," Gibson said. "I feel like I play with a passion for the game, and I have more fun than other people."

Beyond just the grades, Gibson told BearTerritory that he intends to major in business. He's more than just a football player, you see.

"It's just my strong suit," Gibson said about the business world. "My characteristics just fit that the best. I'm a people person, I know how to work a room."

The 6-foot-3, 255-pound lineman has been talking to Yenser for about two weeks now, and as soon as he scored the Bears offer, he got to researching.

"I actually know a lot," Gibson said. "I've researched the school, and I know that they're the No. 1 public school in the nation. That's always appealing to me. I've just researched the university a lot since I picked up interest, and today (Thursday) he called and offered. It was pretty cool."

The fact that Cal has one of the top business schools in the country has also come up in Gibson's research, and the fact that Haas School of Business calls Berkeley home is a big plus.

Gibson is a prototypical offensive lineman for the Tony Franklin System, in that he's not a big, hulking, earth-mover. He's slim, long and agile with quick feet, and he has to be, because he runs a system very similar to the Bear Raid in high school.

"We run a spread, at high tempo," Gibson said. "That's actually something I like (about Cal). My build and frame just fits the style of Cal, because they run basically the same offense my high school does. They like the quick, athletic O-linemen."

Previously, Gibson's biggest offers were Southern Mississippi and Air Force, but the offer from Cal changes the game quite a bit.

"It's certainly one of my top choices, as far as right now," Gibson said. "I'm open to anything at this point, but the academics at Berkeley surely will help them in the long run, and I like coach Yenser, so they have a lot going for them." Top Stories