'A very exciting place'

Adrian "A.D." Miller breaks down his offer from the Golden Bears and how he fits into the Bear Raid offense.

The California football coaching staff works well together. Not only do wide receivers coach Rob Likens and offensive line coach Zach Yenser have a little bit of a bromance on the road, but Likens and running backs coach Pierre Ingram have also been tag-teaming prospects of late, including Adrian Miller, who got his offer back in January.

Since snaring the offer from the Bears, Miller has hauled in offers from Tulsa, Colorado and Illinois, with Southern Miss being the first school to offer the 6-foot-4, 180-pound wide receiver.

"I actually haven't even spoken much to coach Likens. I actually got offered by coach Ingram," Miller said. "I don't know what coach Likens is thinking about using me right now, but coach Ingram said I'm a great route-runner, and he likes the way I attack the ball in the air. I'm going to be a big red zone threat, is pretty much what he said."

Being a red zone threat works just fine for Miller, who's nickname is ‘A.D.,' not because of another Adrian – the Minnesota Vikings' Peterson – but for his middle name – Darnell.

Though he may not be as fast as that other A.D., he's fast enough, running a 4.5 40-yard dash.

"I'd say red zone is more of my type of style, but then again, I can catch a screen and get 30-40 yards on a screen, so I'm a little of both," Miller said.

Since receiving his offer, Miller has done quite a bit of homework on Cal, and he knows that his spread tempo offense in high school matches up just perfectly with the Bear Raid's pace of play.

"We're not that fast yet, but we're trying to get there, though," Miller said.

Miller said he plans on visiting Berkeley sooner, rather than later, so he can get a closer look at that Bear Raid in action.

"I'll mostly likely attend their spring game and check out the campus and watch them play," Miller said. "I actually really like the school. I haven't been there yet, but from what I've seen on YouTube and Google, it seems like a very exciting place. Berkeley is a beautiful place. I actually haven't been to California yet, so I can't say that much about it."

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