Shelton-Mosley Talks Cal Visit, New Interest

Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian star Justice Shelton-Mosley talks about his trip to Berkeley, and which schools are closest to offers.

While hosting well over 20 prospects for both 2015 and 2016 on Monday, the California Golden Bears got a little bit of Justice -- Justice Shelton-Mosley, that is.

"It was great," said Shelton-Mosley, who's not only an ace corner and return man, but also a top-notch student with a 4.14 GPA at Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian. "I got to meet the coaching staff, and coach KP (Kevin Parker), he's pretty funny, and I liked the whole coaching staff. I got to talk to coach [Sonny] Dykes for the first time in person, and sat down and talked to him a little bit. He showed his interest, and he said he'll be back in April."

Dykes told Shelton-Mosley that the Bears are currently trying to figure out just where he'd fit on the team, position-wise. The 6-foot, 180-pounder plays cornerback and running back for the Cougars, piling up 1,507 yards on 142 carries as a tailback and wildcat quarterback last season, scoring 25 rushing touchdowns, while catching 23 passes for 535 yards and eight more scores. He also racked up 463 kickoff return yards and 211 punt return yards.

Defensively, Shelton-Mosley tallied 59 tackles, including 7.0 tackles for loss, and on eight picks, he rolled up 190 interception return yards. He also threw in four forced fumbles, for good measure.

"He said that he sees me as a cornerback at the next level," said Shelton-Mosley, who also spoke to new defensive backs coach Greg Burns. "I shook his hand, talked to him a little bit, and he's pretty new to the system, so he's just getting used to it and used to all the players, and stuff."

Shelton-Mosley also talked with Dykes about when a potential offer could come.

"I went into the office, and I didn't know what to expect, but it sounds like it will come soon in April," he said. "It's just the decision on what position I'm going to play, and he said he'd sit down with the defense and the offense, and they're going to decide."

After Shelton-Mosley gabbed with the coaches, he got on with the rest of the visit.

"We toured Haas Pavilion, went down and saw all the historical points at Cal, then saw the wall listing all the billionaires, which was pretty cool," he said. "Then, we went down to the weight room. It's a nice facility. Seeing all those Muscle Milks and stuff, that was cool. Then, we went to the player lounge, chilled in there a little bit, and the best part was probably the locker room."

The visit to Cal was Shelton-Mosley's first to a college with all the bells and whistles, and pulling on the jersey and walking out onto the field really hit home for the local star.

"I was looking forward to taking a visit like that," he said. "I was looking at my friends' twitters, looking at them going on their unofficials and putting on the jerseys and stuff, I mean, I just felt blessed when I got that feeling, putting on the jersey. Everything got real. Life is going by fast, but I just appreciated that moment when I got to put on the jersey."

The first time Shelton-Mosley visited Cal was two seasons ago, when he came for the homecoming win against UCLA with one-time Bears target Nifae Lealao. Sunday, though, was all about Shelton-Mosley. It was his time, now.

"Walking into the stadium, I remember taking that first trip with Nifae," Shelton-Mosley said. "They didn't really know much about me. I was a freshman or a sophomore. I walked in, and it was for Nifae, so I didn't really realize what was going on, the band was playing, so this last time, when I walked through, I imagined, on both sides, the band was playing, me walking through the tunnel and seeing all those fans. That was probably the best part of the trip."

Arizona State has recently jumped in with Shelton-Mosley, though he says that Harvard and Yale has been recruiting him the hardest. He only has an offer from UC Davis at the moment, but he will visit Northwestern and UCLA in April. He said that the Sun Devils "want to do some sort of combo" with him and L.J. Reed out of Elk Grove (Calif.) Cosumnes Oaks, a four-star wide receiver, ranked No. 17 in the 2015 class.

"We'll probably get down there soon too, and see what's happening with that," Shelton-Mosley said.

San Jose State and Fresno State are also "starting to pop up."

Shelton-Mosley is close with former Cal receiver and student assistant Spencer Hagan and his family, and saw the former Bear this week.

"He's been talking to me lately, and we have a good relationship; he's someone to look up to for advice," Shelton-Mosley said. "He went there, and his dad, they all want me to become a Cal Bear, so we'll see how it goes with that." Top Stories