Hanson Talks Cal Offer, Visit

Zach Yenser is going after yet another wrestler, and this time he's a local grappler with a nasty streak.

Four days after he visited Berkeley for the first time, Eureka (Calif.) offensive guard Jake Hanson had an offer from California in hand.

"Coach said that he likes how I finish blocks and how I'm more of a nasty O-lineman, I guess you could say," Hanson said of his Thursday conversation with Golden Bears offensive line coach Zach Yenser.

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That nastiness is more than familiar to Yenser, since he's been targeting a very specific type of lineman for his offensive front: Dual-sport athletes, with that second sport being wrestling.

"The wrestling helps a lot," said Hanson, who is in his third season on the mat. "I don't feel like I'd be nearly as good of an offensive lineman if I didn't wrestle. It helps a lot with footwork, balance, hand placement, just being athletic. It helps me a lot. Over the past few years of wrestling, I've felt that I've developed a lot more body control and balance and all that stuff."

That's why Yenser liked him enough to be the first school to offer Hanson, though Cal won't be the last.

"It is my first, and that's a big offer," Hanson said, though Colorado – like Yenser – has called him their little secret.

"I guess I am. Both coaching staffs have said that," Hanson said. "They're surprised I haven't been looked at by any other schools."
Chris Borrayo.

Getting on Hanson early will prove to be big for the Bears, especially after his campus visit just over a week ago.

"I loved it. I talked to most of the coaching staff, and I like the coaching staff," said Hanson. "The Bay Area, Berkeley, it's a really beautiful place. All of their facilities are just crazy. I've never seen anything so big, I guess. The education, of course, it's a great school and a great education. I like everything about it."

Hanson currently has a 2.95 cumulative GPA, but had a 3.4 last semester.

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