Browning Talks Visit

Jake Browning just scored an offer from Alabama, but the hometown Bears were the first to offer, and will get a visit from the four-star quarterback very soon.

Folsom (Calif.) four-star quarterback Jake Browning has options. While, he says, the talk between him and Texas is "overblown," he did just get an offer from Alabama on Tuesday, an offer he said was ‘big,' for his recruitment.

That said, the 6-foot-2, 202-pound signal caller who threw for 5,737 yards and 75 touchdowns last season still has the local school to think about: California.

Browning has been going to the Golden Bears' team camps for several years, and his head coach -- Troy Taylor -- is a former Cal signal caller in his own right.

In one week, Browning and Taylor will make a quick trip out to Berkeley – Browning's first since the Bears offered him last month.

"I was honored," Browning said of the Cal offer. "I've been there a couple times, and I was glad to get an offer from them and excited about it."

As for the visit?

"I don't know what we're going to do," Browning said. "Coach Taylor just offered to take me up there if I wanted to, and I said I was up for it. We're just going to head up there and check out practice and everything."

It will be the first time that Browning has gotten to see behind the curtain in Strawberry Canyon by himself, and the first time he'll get some one-on-one time with the coaching staff.

"I've done that a little bit. I've been through the football facilities and all that, but this will be the first time I go up, separately, and talk with coaches and stuff like that," Browning said.

While Alabama is a perennial national title contender, and the offer means a lot to Browning, the Cal offense arguably fits him better, as a quarterback who's developed in a pass-heavy system.

"I'm probably more comfortable in the spread just because I've been doing it all of high school, but I can adjust," Browning said. "It's still playing quarterback." Top Stories