BTTV: Bigelow Comes Up Lame

BERKELEY -- Marshawn Lynch pays a visit to Berkeley and consoles Brendan Bigelow, who despite tweaking a hamstring, still posts a strong 40.

BERKELEY -- About halfway through his first 40-yard dash on Tuesday at California's Pro Timing Day, former Bears running back Brendan Bigelow pulled up lame. His left hamstring tightened up.

"I felt it, and I was like, ‘Oh, shoot,' and I jumped, and then I was about to stop, but I thought, ‘You know what, let me just finish it out,'" Bigelow said, and finish out he did.

Bigelow still ran a hand-timed average of 4.48, and clocked as low as a 4.41. Not bad for running on one leg. Before that, he put up 17 reps of 225 pounds in the bench press. Not bad for a speed guy.

"I finished it, and I almost pulled it (the hamstring)," Bigelow said.

Giving Bigelow some advice on the side was none other than Marshawn Lynch, who joined other former Cal players Jeremy Ross of the Indianapolis Colts, student assistant Jahvid Best, former defensive lineman and Minnesota Vikings draft pick Trevor Guyton, Giorgio Tavecchio, Isi Sofele and Josh Johnson.

Lynch was perhaps the most visible, helping throw to linebackers and defensive ends in cover drills, and even helping out Richard Rodgers to line up at tight end, standing in for a defensive end. At every turn, Lynch asked "What can I do, boss?"

For Bigelow, Lynch just needed to be there.

"Marshawn, he's big brother, man," Bigelow said. "He always tells me to keep my head up and everything. ‘Just keep pushing; everything'll be alright,' he said. He said, ‘Man, you ran a 4.48. You know what? Let's race. Let's go do this right now.'"

Bigelow did admit that, given the current situation, Lynch would best him in a race, but, healthy? Well, Bigelow did fully intend on running in the 4.2s on Tuesday.

"If I'm healthy, I will," Bigelow smiled. Top Stories